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In March 2017 we launched the House of Fraser Foundation, enabling us to support our local community, having a lasting impact. We are integrating charitable giving in all part of our business, through our stores, online with our employees and business partners.

Our chosen lead charity is Action for Children, who offer a wide range of services to support, care and improve the lives of children that need it most.

We want our customer community to be part of the conversation. DONATE here or email foundation@hof.co.uk for more information.



The House of Fraser Foundation is committed to making a real difference within the communities in which we live and work


Our vision is to make a positive impact on the
lives of people who need it most in those


Committed to supporting and caring for our communities

Acting with integrity and authenticity

Respecting the communities and environments we engage with

Empowering and inspiring individuals to make a real difference


We are very pleased to say that we have found a charity that matches our aspirations, and are delighted to announce that Action for Children will be our national headline charity partner as we launch the House of Fraser Foundation. One of the many reasons that we were attracted to Action for Children is that 80% of the population live within 10 miles of one of their projects. This means that stores, support centres and distribution centres can support local projects, for example a children’s care centre. The services provided range from supporting disabled children and young people to adoption and fostering and much more.

Sir Tony Hawkhead, Action for Children’s CEO, had this to say about our partnership,

We are delighted to have been chosen as the national headline charity partner for the House of Fraser Foundation and very much look forward to working with you. With your support, we will work together to make a real difference to the lives of the children in local communities who need help the most.

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