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Ladies' Watches (430)


Our collection of watches for women will keep your style ticking over season after season. At House of Fraser we stock all your favourite brands from Michael Kors to Fossil. Isn’t it about time you treated yourself?

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  1. Crystana rose gold watch
  2. EM0320-59D ladies silver bracelet watch
  3. EW1909-64A ladies two-tone bracelet watch
  4. MK5770 womens bracelet watch MK5770 womens bracelet watch
  5. RY2188 Radley Grosvenor Strap watch
  6. EW1226-59D Eco-Drive crystal solar watch
  7. CASED1016 Unisex Bracelet Watch
  8. Sparkelli rose gold watch
  9. Multizan rose gold watch
  10. MBM3338 Ladies Bracelet Watch MBM3338 Ladies Bracelet Watch
  11. MBM3352 Ladies Bracelet Watch MBM3352 Ladies Bracelet Watch
  12. NY2214 Ladies Bracelet Wactch NY2214 Ladies Bracelet Wactch
  13. NY2212 Ladies Bracelet Watch NY2212 Ladies Bracelet Watch
  14. KL2211 Unisex Strap Watch KL2211 Unisex Strap Watch
  15. MBM4570 Ladies Bracelet Watch MBM4570 Ladies Bracelet Watch
  16. AR1418 Ladies Bracelet Watch
  17. MBM3353 Ladies Bracelet Watch MBM3353 Ladies Bracelet Watch
  18. ROTJUR0076 Ladies Stainless Steel Bracelet
  19. ROTJUR0077 Ladies Rose Gold Bracelet white Dial
  20. RY2268 Ladies Brown Strap Champagne Dial
  21. GD-120CM-4ER Unisex Strap Watch
  22. RY4191 Ladies  Silver Bracelet Silver Satin Dial
  23. RY2282 Ladies White Strap Satin Dial
  24. A168WEGC-5EF Unisex Gold Bracelet Watch
  25. GD-120CM-5ER Unisex Camo Strap Watch
  26. Watchalicious watch
  27. GB-6900B-1ER Unisex Black Strap Watch
  28. MK6055 ladies bracelet watch MK6055 ladies bracelet watch
  29. A168WEC-1EF Unisex Silver Bracelet Watch
  30. DW-6900SC-1ER Unisex White Strap Watch
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Showing 30 of 430

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