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Wedge Shoes

One of the key styles of the season, wedge shoes offer endless style solutions in the form of the hi-top trainer, wedge boots and wedge shoes. Take your pick from a range of fabric possibilities such as suede and leather. Offering both practicality and style, wedges give you the height factor without the pain yet look elegant and sophisticated. So stay on trend this year and transform any outfit with a pair of fabulous wedges.

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  1. Genial mid-wedge leather trainers Genial mid-wedge leather trainers
  2. Meryl ankle boots Meryl ankle boots
  3. Kling high wedged sandals Kling high wedged sandals
  4. Copersito lace up wedge ankle boots Copersito lace up wedge ankle boots
  5. Khaki Ada Stud Wedge Khaki Ada Stud Wedge
  6. Dandy wedge sandals Dandy wedge sandals
  7. Leather High Wedge Leather High Wedge
  8. Peep toe espadrille wedge Peep toe espadrille wedge
  9. Verona wedge sandals Verona wedge sandals
  10. Verona wedge sandals Verona wedge sandals
  11. Catania wedge sandals Catania wedge sandals
  12. Catania casual sandals Catania casual sandals
  13. Murcia casual sandals Murcia casual sandals

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