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Leggings have become a modern women’s wardrobe staple and at House of Fraser we offer this seasons must-have styles. Choose from a range of colours, designs and fabrics and find your perfect style. With the power to instantly transform your outfit, leggings are an effortless option making them the perfect choice for any occasion.

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  1. Amina darted jeggings Amina darted jeggings
  2. Eden Ultra Soft Jegging Eden Ultra Soft Jegging
  3. Eden Jeggings Eden Jeggings
  4. Kids merino wool jacquard long johns
  5. Harmony capri leggings Harmony capri leggings
  6. Berry Side Zip Jegging Berry Side Zip Jegging
  7. Ally jegging
  8. Babys PO.P stripe leggings
  9. Berry Side Zip Jeggings Berry Side Zip Jeggings
  10. Babys merino wool jacquard long johns
  11. TALL
    Tall Eden Jegging Tall Eden Jegging
  12. Eden Jeggings Eden Jeggings
  13. Maternity Jegging
  14. Jegging Jegging
  15. Kids PO.P stripe leggings
  16. Multi sport capri leggings
  17. Jacquard Tregging
  18. Printed legging
  19. Kids stripe extendable leggings
  20. Paisley leggings

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