At House of Fraser, we take our responsibilities as a retailer seriously, and we have a Head of Sustainability to make sure we keep moving in a greener and more ethical direction. In her debut column, Dr Dorothy Maxwell shares her first steps towards our environmentally friendly future...



It's true - the fashion and textile industry has a big footprint. That's why my first focus at House of Fraser was all about going back to basics: how and where we source our materials. Did you know that not all cotton is created equal? Our tactile Gray & Willow waffle towels are 100% organic, and we're aiming for all our cotton to be sustainably sourced by 2022.

“We're aiming for all our cotton to be sustainably sourced by 2022”

There are other hero fabrics here too. Our Luxury Hotel Collection Ultimate Touch towels are now made using super smart Tencel™, a fibre made from wood pulp that scores top marks on sustainability.



Ethically sourced products are a big part of the picture, and we’re moving fast on our factories. But our decisions as a retailer don’t just impact our planet – they're about people, too.

“We're supporting responsible brands, such as People Tree”

This Biba tote for life bag is Fair Wear Foundation and FairShare approved, which means you can count on fair wages and working conditions. It's also made of organic cotton and has a low carbon footprint. Solid green credentials and luxe appeal – it’s a seriously feelgood option.


Our customers - 8/10 of you - tell us you want products and packaging that are responsible. We all know that one trip bags aren’t ideal, so we support the government levy on both paper and plastic bags, with £190,000 raised for Action for Children, so far.

“Our bag levy has raised £190,000 for Action for Children so far”

Through all of our House of Fraser Foundation initiatives, we raised more than £750,000 for charity in 2017 – and that’s just the start. Our paper bags only use sustainable paper certified to the Programme for Environmental Forest Certification (PEFC).

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