Working up a sweat? Whether you prefer the meditative benefits of yoga or find that calorie-torching cardio is more your speed, you’ll need the right activewear to stay cool and comfortable.

Thankfully, there’s never been a wider variety of options in terms of sports and fitness gear. Our guide will help you choose the best gym wear for your fitness goals and training, so you’ll be ready to sprint, spin or swim your way to better health.

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Running is an easy way to boost your cardiovascular health without equipment or a gym membership. You're constantly in motion, which is excellent for your health but tough on your clothes.

To stay cool and comfortable, you’ll benefit from moisture-wicking and form-fitting gear. Pair shorts or leggings with breathable vests and shirts in warmer weather, or hooded tops and padded gilets when it’s cold.

Finding the right pair of men's or women's trainers is equally important. The pounding and joint impact associated with running puts significant pressure on your feet. Getting the correct running shoes can prevent you developing problems with pronation (the way your foot hits the ground), which will reduce your risk of future injury.

If you run at night, select your outfit with visibility in mind so passing motorists can spot you. Day runners, on the other hand, should spritz on sunscreen before hitting the track.

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Yoga is a way to develop mindfulness and flexibility as well as strength. Pilates offers similar benefits, stretching and challenging your muscles, with the option of involving specialised equipment for a bigger burn.

The best yoga clothes support you through your positions and stretches comfortably, remaining in place in any pose you adopt. Bikram or ‘hot’ yoga, in particular, requires short, slim-fitting tank tops and yoga pants. Wondering what to wear for Pilates? It often takes place in an air-conditioned studio, so take along a layer or two to strip off once your muscles warm up.

In general, yoga and Pilates are practised barefoot or in socks, so no shoes are required here. Check with your instructor about suitable footwear.

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Gyms offer dozens of options for meeting any health and exercise goal. The best workout clothes for you will depend on the kind of exercise you'll be doing. For cardio equipment, you can use the same sweat-wicking kit as for running.

Water sports call for swimming costumes that will allow you to butterfly and backstroke effortlessly. Don’t forget a pair of flip-flops for navigating the slippery areas around the water safely. Caps to keep your hair dry and goggles to protect your eyes will also come in handy.

When using the weights and strength-building equipment, opt for cuffed joggers, sweatshirts, sports shorts and sweat tanks. You want to keep your muscles warm while allowing for a full range of motion.

Remember to keep a towel on you while you work up a sweat. It’s a simple courtesy that anyone using the equipment after you will appreciate.

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Want to take your training session up a level? You might like to invest in a fitness or activity tracker. These smart devices can track everything from the number of calories you've burnt to whether or not you’re meeting your maximum heart rate.

You can customise your tracker completely to your body’s measurements and goals. It could be just what you need to supercharge your progress.

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While men can get away with wearing just about any underwear that's light and allows flexibility, the foundation of any woman’s exercise wardrobe is a good sports bra. A well-fitting and supportive undergarment can make all the difference between slogging through a session and beating your personal best.

As chests of any size are comprised of delicate ligaments that can be impacted by repeated movement, it’s worth your while to invest in a professionally-fitted sports bra. With an in-store fitting service available at all our locations, you can get this done at your convenience.

Find your nearest store for an in-house fitting.

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Having smashed your gym session goals, you don’t need to squeeze yourself into a pair of jeans right away. Shower and slip on athleisure clothing for a cool-down, gentle stretching or relaxing.

Athleisure combines the best of both worlds – offering the practical functionality of workout apparel with the effortless comfort of leisure clothing. It’s the perfect transitional outfit to wear between your exercise session and the rest of your day.

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Once you get your body in the right gear, you’ll soon find that your mind follows suit. The right activewear could be just what you need to approach your next heart-pumping session with extra confidence.