They say brows are the pillars of the face. With this in mind we've created the Ultimate Eyebrow Guide to ensure you can groom yours effortlessly at home.

Just like haircuts, eyebrows aren’t 'one size fits all'. The trick to achieving the perfect eyebrow really depends on the dimensions of your face and knowing how to angle your brows based on its shape. Our handy face shape guide will help you with this, and our three-step grooming routine and maintenance tips will make sure you’re always Instagram-ready, whether you are a zealous at-home plucker or a serial salon guest.


Before you even touch the tweezers you should get better acquainted with the structure of your features. Stare at yourself straight in the mirror, with your shoulders down and your head square. What shape does your face most resemble? From round to angular, you should match the length and thickness of your brows to the formation of your face.

Top tip: The arch of your eyebrow should line up with the outer edge of your pupil.

Eyebrow Oval


If you have an oval face you can really experiment with your brows, as most styles will suit. The classic, slightly arched look is ideal will allow you to play around with bold, brow-enhancing makeup.

Eyebrow Long


Bring balance to a long, narrow face by opting for an elongated brow shape with a low arch. Simply extend the tails of your brows past their natural edge to widen your eyes and define your cheekbones.

Eyebrow Round


A soft, round face is perfect for trying out a more angular eyebrow, and a high arch will be very flattering. Sharp edges work best as they bring out definition in the face and will highlight your most striking features.

Eyebrow Square


Go for soft and feathered brows if you’ve got a square face. For the perfect shape, keep the inner edges rounded and the angles gentle. If you go for a more defined finish, fill them in lightly to avoid the look being too harsh.

Eyebrow Heart


A heart shaped face usually means the eyes are already the central focus. Natural-shaped brows are the perfect choice with subtle, soft arches to accentuate and highlight your features.

Eyebrow Diamond


For those with a diamond-shaped face, sticking to a softly curved brow with no sharp angles works well. For the best results, keep the outer corner in line with the outside of your eye.

Eyebrow At Home

Step 1

Fill in any bald spots. Whether you use powder or a pencil, go for a colour that is two shades lighter than your hair. Be sure to stay within your natural lines as you draw on light strokes in the same direction as your brow's hair growth.

Step 2

Add some volume. Bulk up the brows using a tinted brow gel, sweeping it in the opposite direction to the natural growth of the hair from the tail to the inner corner. It's suitable for all hair colours and perfect for a subtle but sculpted finish that flaunts your natural shade.

Step 3

Make sure it stays in place. Use a small, angled brush and a tiny bit of powder to set the colour. If your brows are unruly, combine this with wax for maximum sticking power. Brush lightly over the top, adding more colour if there are any uneven spots.

Eyebrow Product

Eyebrow care is very important, and our selection of eyebrow products features everything from individual brushes to entire eye kits. Gels or pencils are quick and easy to apply, so are a great option if you’re short on time in the morning. Powders can be a little more difficult to control, but will give you a lovely natural look. Just be sure to test the shade against your skin tone first.


Choose a shade lighter than your natural colour and draw fine, hair-like strokes in the gaps rather than block-colouring them. Remember, you’re not trying to reshape your brows, you’re just giving them a more uniform, neater finish.


An eyebrow gel is great for taming unruly or curly brows – and a quick option. Gels are tinted or clear and come with a grooming brush called a spoolie. The eyebrow-shaping tool looks like a mascara wand, minus the mascara and has a tapered head and soft bristles. It's ideal for achieving instant definition.


Make pencil-like strokes using an angled brush and a powder that’s lighter than your natural colour. Once you’re happy with the shape, comb through brows with a spoolie to spread the powder evenly. You can finish with a clear eyebrow gel to keep them under control all day.