From spiralizers to salad spinners, busy households need time-saving tools – and the kitchen is no exception. We’re big believers that the only thing that beats a home-cooked meal is a home-cooked meal that took 30 minutes to prepare. Investing in the right kitchen tools will make food preparation faster, fuss-free and save you money in the long run: no more disastrous soufflés, lumpy soups or flat meringues. Our guide takes you through the most important food preparation appliances, so you can decide which is best for your home.

Food Preparation - Which Appliance

Find the answer to your most frequently asked food preparation questions, from whether a food processor purées to if a blender can make smoothies. 

Food processors 

These use blade and disk attachments to chop, mix, and purée food. Processors are great for blitzing chunky vegetable soup or whipping up a batch of summer pesto. 

Food mixers 

A stand mixer works hard to knead dough and mix batter, making it a good option for keen bakers. Hand mixers save space and are great for lighter kneading or whisking jobs. 



These extract the liquid part of fruit and vegetables, separating it from the pulp or fibre. They’re ideal for creating light and refreshing juices. 


Small chopping blades quickly blend together ingredients, perfect for soups and smoothies. The compact design suits small kitchens.

Food Preparation - Food Processors

Food processors are a great multi-functional tool; go from whipping together homemade mayonnaise to finely chopping onions in a matter of minutes. Processors can tackle raw vegetables, which makes them a good choice if you’re more a cook than a baker.

Food processors

  • Ideal for family homes
  • Powerful pulse function
  • Attachments to mix, grate, slice, whisk, knead, chop and liquidise
  • Simple push buttons
  • Easy clean

Cooking food processors

  • A choice of heat programmes
  • Automatic settings
  • Slow cooking
  • Digital display

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Food Preparation - Food Mixers

Choosing between a stand mixer and a hand mixer isn’t easy – a stand mixer requires less manual effort and can be programmed in advance, while the traditional hand mixer is compact and lightweight, and requires less of an investment. Use this breakdown to decide which food mixer is right for you:

Stand mixers

  • Large, stable mixing bowl
  • Mixing is automated
  • Best for thick mixtures
  • Programmable settings
  • Sturdy and hardwearing

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Hand mixers

  • Good value for money
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Perfect for whipping light mixtures like cream or egg whites
  • Portable
  • Lightweight and ideal for small jobs

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The best stand mixer accessories

When you’re switching tasks in the kitchen, switch the attachment on your stand mixer to match. Different blades can purée, strip and finely grate produce while rotating attachments do everything from stuffing sausages and spiralizing courgettes to milling grains for home-baked bread. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a recipe that can’t be made faster with the help of a stand mixer.

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Food Preparation -  Juicers

Whether you’re a die-hard fruit fan or trying out your first detox, juicers remain a convenient way to produce fresh, nutrient-filled drinks at home. Juice machines are fun and easy to operate, leaving plenty of opportunity to experiment with different ingredient combinations. The two best juicer types are masticating and centrifugal, and each has its own set of pros.

Centrifugal juicers

  • High speed spinning motion makes juicing faster
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sharp blades work their way through produce quickly
  • Works best with soft and hard fruits and vegetables
  • Simple to use – great for beginners

Masticating juicers

  • Grinds and presses produce to keep nutritious value
  • Slow speed produces better tasting juices
  • Works with a broad variety of ingredients including green leaves, cashews and other nuts
  • Quiet to run
  • Few parts and easy to clean

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Food Preparations - Blenders

Blenders are often seen as essential kitchen appliances, and not without reason. The best blender makes light work of mixing, chopping, grinding, combining, and purifying. These powerful machines are ideal for making up your own batches of jam, hummus and salsa, as well as milk and yoghurt-based smoothies.

Hand and stick blenders

  • Quick to assemble
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable for use away from plug sockets
  • Easy to clean
  • Long wand works in large bowls

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Table blenders

  • High-powered with pulse
  • Pre-set programs and manual speed control
  • Variable speeds and pulse function
  • Keeps fruit and vegetable nutrients by pulping produce whole

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When you discover all the amazing things food preparation machines can do, it’s tempting to cover your kitchen counter with various appliances – but part of the appeal of these devices is their versatility. Blenders can produce perfectly delicious juicers and food processors can make batter just like a stand mixer. Take a closer look at your lifestyle, cooking habits and kitchen space and you’ll be able to choose which machine makes a perfect sous-chef.