Good things in life improve with age, and marriage is no different. To mark the importance of this wonderful commitment, each year of wedded bliss is symbolised with a themed gift, from your 1st anniversary until beyond your 60th. Whether you’re searching for something to tell your partner how much they mean to you or a gift to take to an anniversary party, you can show you’ve put thought into it by choosing a themed present.

To help you follow these themes, we’ve compiled a guide to gift ideas for some of the most significant anniversaries up to 60 years, with a little explanation on each tradition. From newlyweds to seasoned couples, you’re sure to find plenty to inspire you.

For a 1st wedding anniversary: paper
First Anniversary

A married couple’s very first wedding anniversary is celebrated with paper – a metaphor for the blank canvas of their life ahead. They might still be building their nest, so gifting homeware and furniture is a good bet. For a modern take on this theme, why not treat them to a piece of wall art?

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For a 2nd wedding anniversary: cotton
Second Anniversary

Cotton is made up of dozens of threads – easy to break when apart individually, but strong when threaded together. Strength in unity is a lesson couples learn in their first few years. Reflect this with a practical choice like a luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding set.

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For a 3rd wedding anniversary: leather
Third Anniversary

Leather is a hardy material which can last a lifetime if cared for, just like a nurtured relationship. If you’re seeking a third anniversary present, a quality leather jewellery box or stand would make charming options for her, while he might fancy a handsome new wallet.

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For a 4th wedding anniversary: silk
Fourth Anniversary

On the surface, silk is an exquisitely soft fabric, but it’s a little-known fact that it’s also one of the strongest natural fibres. A silk bedspread, throw or blanket is a winning gift that reflects a couple’s strength.

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For a 5th wedding anniversary: wood
Fifth Anniversary

Congratulations, you’ve been married for half a decade. Wood grows from a tiny seed into a sturdy structure, just like a relationship. A set of rustic wooden photo frames gives the couple an opportunity to display memories of their partnership, reminding them of how much they’ve grown together.

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For a 10th wedding anniversary: tin
Tenth Anniversary

A hardworking and durable metal that resists erosion, tin is proven to stand the test of time. It’s also a versatile material to have around the house. For a present embodying these qualities, you could choose from our range of kitchen storage or tin garden decorations.

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For a 20th wedding anniversary: china
Twentieth Anniversary

China has come to be the standard gift to commemorate long-lasting relationships. After all, if you’ve stayed happily married for 20 years you should also be able to keep this delicate crockery in good condition. Reward yourself or the lucky couple with a set of china dinnerware.

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For a 25th wedding anniversary: silver
Twenty Fifth Anniversary

Polish up an old piece of silver and it will soon be glowing like the day it was first created. Jewellery makes an excellent 25th anniversary present. Watches are a popular option for men; you have more options for women, but it’s hard to beat a finely crafted necklace.

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For a 30th wedding anniversary: pearl
Thirtieth Anniversary

A long-term relationship requires patience to develop over time, just like a pearl. These valuable little gems look wonderful when they’re inlaid in homeware as mother of pearl. Of course, they also create lovely jewellery, with pearl bracelets making an ideal keepsake to remember the day.

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For a 40th wedding anniversary: ruby
Fortieth Anniversary

Rubies are rare and precious gems. Their vibrant red colour is associated with romance and passion. For a couple that's kept the fires burning for decades, give them a twist on the theme with a ruby red luggage set – the perfect accessory for future romantic getaways.

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For a 50th wedding anniversary: gold
Fiftieth Anniversary

Admired across the globe as a token of luxury, it’s no surprise gold has come to represent the landmark 50th anniversary. After half a century of marital harmony, you’ve earned the right to indulge. Carry your memory of this day with you forever with something from our ranges of carefully curated men's jewellery or women's earrings.

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For a 60th wedding anniversary: diamond
Sixtieth Anniversary

Famously, it takes decades for diamonds to form under enormous pressure. The resulting stone is one of the most beautiful treasures on the planet, and one of the toughest too. Any couple together for 60 years will have had their share of challenges, but they’ve come through them more united than ever. Mark the occasion with a set of diamond-cut glassware – just the thing for a celebratory bottle of bubbly.

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