The trick to a beautiful barnet isn't a fancy salon treatment or the latest styling gadgets: it's simply taking care of your hair. Whether you dye, straighten, curl or keep yours au naturel, you can add life to your locks with our haircare guide.

Read on for guidance on how to strengthen your hair with the right oils and products. There’s also advice on how to grow your tresses faster and repair damage. The steps are simple enough to do at home with just a little time and TLC.

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We’ve put together a haircare checklist for all your need-to-know products.


Contrary to popular belief, using a good quality conditioner each time you wash won't damage your hair. It helps to keep it tangle-free and manageable, minimising damage during styling.

Hair masks

Apply a hair mask once a week to breathe new life into your locks. Not only will it help to eliminate frizz, it will also leave your hair touchably soft.


Treatments have a similar aim to masks, with an intense moisturising effect. They’ll nourish your hair strands and condition your roots, leaving a shiny finish.

Hair oils

Oils are ideal for revitalising dull or lifeless hair. They’re highly versatile – try working some into your roots as a treatment during your shower, or applying as a finishing product after styling.

Heat protection

You should apply a heat protection product every time you use heated styling tools. They can make a huge difference in maintaining your hair, stopping it from becoming brittle.

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Lusting after long locks? There are plenty of ways you can help your hair to grow faster.

Keep your scalp healthy

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so invest in a shampoo that cleanses and treats your skin as well as your locks. Treating those follicles right is the first step to encouraging them to produce strong hair.

End with a cool rinse

A steamy shower feels great, but it can be tough on your skin and hair. Turn the temperature down when cleansing and rinse with cool water to seal your hair cuticles and strengthen them in the process.

Make the most of your hair's natural oil

A quick and easy tip that should become part of your nightly routine is to give your hair a few strokes with a brush before bed. The bristles will distribute your scalp's oils evenly onto your hair, so your strands stay naturally moisturised.

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Kiehl’s olive fruit oil nourishing shampoo

Transform tired tresses to their former glory with these tips for repairing damaged hair.

Dry and itchy scalps

Our favourite remedy uses rosemary or pine essential oils. Simply add a few drops directly onto your hair and gently massage into the scalp for best results. As both of these oils has anti-bacterial properties they provide a natural defence against itchiness.


Coconut oil is effective in removing dandruff as it contains lauric acid, which has anti-fungal properties. Massage a tablespoon or two onto your scalp and leave on for a few hours. Repeat two to three times throughout the week depending on the severity of your dandruff.

Coloured hair

Bleaching and dying have a bad reputation when it comes to hair health, but rather than avoid them altogether you can keep your coloured hair vibrant through the use of specialist shampoo. It’s specially formulated to provide dyed hair with the extra nutrients needed to stay strong.

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Tangle teezer hair brush

Here's how to improve the look of damaged hair and prevent more splits from occurring.

Carefully brush wet hair

Your strands are more likely to break when damp, so caring for your wet hair is key. Apply conditioner during your shower and comb it afterwards. This will prevent possible snaps caused when brushing out hair that has been towel-dried.

Choose the right comb

The brush you use can make a big difference, We recommend using a wide tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer. They'll give your hair the gentle de-tangling it needs.

Get regular cuts

Regular haircuts will help get rid of any unwanted split ends and make your hair appear healthy. A trim every other month also adds volume and shine to your hair.

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A few final pointers for taking great care of your hair at home.

Make your own mask

You can use ingredients from your kitchen to make an emergency hair mask before a big meeting or a special date. A few tablespoons of olive oil, mashed avocado or honey will add instant shine to your hair.

Protect your hair like you would your skin

The effects of the weather and changing seasons could greatly impact your hair's appearance. Protect it from the harsh rays of the sun with a UV spray and apply a moisturising conditioner.

Rinse before you dip

Your hair is less likely to absorb chlorine if you soak it in clean water before taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Another preventative measure is to spray it with leave-in conditioner.

Our range of haircare products will go a long way to protecting your hair when used regularly, alongside a few items you probably have at home already. Here's to happier hair!