Feeling completely awake the moment you open your eyes in the morning says a lot about your sleep, it will change your day to day life – do we need to mention that an average person spends a third of their life sleeping? That’s why choosing a good quality mattress suited to your body shape is important to help you sleep tight every night.

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Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress will provide support to your body and reduce tossing and turning whilst sleeping. Definitely a revolutionary design, this type of mattress responds to your body heat and pressure; it will mould to your individual body contour, assuring the best sleep you will ever have.

Open Coil Mattress

Open coil mattress springs are linked together, which will give the mattress a firm edge and will spread the bodyweight evenly across the surface. We recommend this type of mattress for children’s beds or guest beds.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Springs in pocket sprung mattresses are separated in fabric pockets. Smaller and lighter, the springs work independently to give the best support where your body needs it. Pocket spring mattresses are ideal if there is a weight or size difference between you and your partner.

Taking care of your mattress
Buying Guide Mattress Care

A mattress is an investment; you might keep it for at least 10 years so taking good care of it is essential; also you should bear in mind that the maintenance for a memory foam mattress differs from a sprung mattress. Here are our top tips to maintain your mattress in pristine condition:

Once your mattress has been delivered, get rid of any plastic odour and air it for 4 hours.

A mattress protector is highly recommended to prevent any liquid spills.

Owner of a sprung mattress? Turn it at least once a month to maximise its life and even sleeping surface, as your body weight will compresses the mattress and will lead to an uneven surface.

A memory foam mattress doesn’t require turning, as in some cases these only have one sleeping surface. However, rotating your memory foam mattress lengthways every month will extend its life.