From stylish diffusers to classic candles, home fragrances add personality to your interior and help to create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you're looking to build on an established scent collection or start from scratch, our guide is full of possible new favourites.

This home candles and fragrances guide looks at best smelling candles, diffusers and room sprays for your mood and space. It could be just the ticket to add that finishing touch to your living room, find the right gift for a special friend or treat yourself for all your hard work.

Two tall white flameless candles


Candles create instant atmosphere. When you come home from a long day at work, simply lighting a few around your room will help you relax and unwind. They’re also a timeless centrepiece to your dinner table. Whatever the occasion, long-burning candles are a popular way to infuse your interior with a charming scent.

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Diffusers are made of a bundle of reed sticks dipped into a pot or jar of scented oil. The open channels that run the length of the reed absorb the oil upwards and naturally disperse it around the room, leaving your interior refreshed and beautifully scented for days on end. Once they’re set up they’ll work their magic without any help from you – just top the jar up when the oil runs out of scent. The combination of wood and glass also make them an elegant but subtle decorative piece.

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Room sprays

A discreet way to deliver a hint of fragrance in your home is through the use of a room spray. Instant and effective, its gentle presence is like a perfume for the home. You’ll find a wide variety of scents available, from citrus or spicy to oceanic. You can also use room sprays directly to add scent to furniture or artificial flower arrangements.

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Floral fragrances bring the outdoors in. They’ll uplift you with delicate notes of home-grown blossoms like rose and lavender, as well as the delightful scents of more exotic blooms: gardenia, jasmine and lilac. If you find yourself daydreaming about your garden while you’re indoors, this is the scent for you.

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Woody fragrances evoke the feeling of strength, richness and warmth. Think of the natural aromas of the forest as your senses are met with strong notes of cedar, moss and sandalwood. Woody scents are powerful and alluring; just the thing for a romantic dinner.

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Citrus aromas are sweet but sharp – zesty oranges and grapefruits coupled with limes and lemons. Citrus scents work wonderfully in the home as they’re zingy and refreshing.

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Fresh home fragrances and candles are those which include notes like sea grass or new linen. They’ll evoke the feeling of peace and relaxation. Picture yourself walking by the ocean as the crashing waves envelop the shore – it’s that sort of feeling they offer.

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Sweet home fragrances fill your home with relaxing aromas. Choose from fruity or sugary notes to create a delectable effect, with mouth-watering fragrances like vanilla or frangipani. This has to be the top choice for foodies.

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Home fragrances can influence the ambience of a room and the mood of your guests. Try these scents for different occasions:


If you’re looking to evoke a sense of calm, look for fragrances with notes of lavender, sage, bamboo or vanilla. Try them out when you’re doing a spot of yoga, hosting a tea party or trying to get little ones to sleep.

Illustrations of various scent ingredients


Room scents containing extracts of patchouli, sage or chamomile create a soothing environment in your interior space. Looking to cultivate a feeling of well-being before climbing into bed? These scents will have you sleeping soundly before your first sheep is even counted.

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The perfect scents to raise your energy levels include mint, moss and lemon and orange. These uplift your mood and are known to enhance your levels of concentration.

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Aromas with extracts of chocolate, jasmine, amber or patchouli work wonders for creating a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Even better if you opt for candles to set the mood with flickering firelight.

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Burning flameless candles next to a bed

Living Room

When it comes to the best scented candles and home fragrances for your living room, opt for soothing notes such as cedarwood or vanilla. They’re soft and subtle on the senses yet evoke a relaxing ambience – perfect for entertaining friends.


Relaxing fragrances are key to a better night’s sleep – lightly mist your pillow with a lavender, chamomile of sandalwood-scented spray before bed. To set a romantic mood, choose floral scents such as the delicate feminine notes of jasmine and rose, said to hold aphrodisiac properties.


For a touch of elegance, add a few coloured organic candles to the corner of your bath tub. Lavender is a soothing aroma and is ideal to indulge in a bubble bath and feel your stresses floating away.


Fake it ‘til you bake it and take advantage of foodie scents like vanilla and cinnamon to recreate the intoxicating aroma of fresh cooking. Citrus scents are another great choice: not only are they bright and fresh, they eliminate cooking smells and will balance out your kitchen’s aroma.

Lit candles on a table

  • A simple way to make your candles last longer is to trim the wick to just below one centimetre, making sure you don’t allow the excess to return into the molten wax.
  • Avoid placing your candles in any drafts or direct wind as this will make them flicker and encourage the wax to burn quicker. Try to place your home fragrances away from the windows.
  • Freezing your candle the day before you intend to light it has been known to make the wick last twice as long.
  • Diffusers adapt to their interior and the number of reeds you need for each location can differ according to the room size. For a small room such as a guest bathroom you only need five sticks, while larger spaces such as the living room or dining room will require more.
  • If you’re looking to have an instant scent in your interior, place your diffuser on top of a covered radiator. It refreshes the fragrance and will spread the scent around the room at a quicker pace.

Whether warm and cosy or cool and classy, fragrances can heighten the mood of your room. Enjoy experimenting with different candles, diffusers and sprays until you find your signature scent.