Adrift in a sea of suitcases? Fear not, from large expandable suitcases to luggage tags and travel accessories, our luggage guide will help you buy with confidence. We’ve got materials, capacity, security, style and airline allowances covered, so all that’s left to do is get that well-deserved holiday booked.


A hard suitcase is a great option for frequent flyers or for extra peace of mind when travelling. Choose a hard case for a robust option that will protect your precious items from the wear and tear of the plane hold.
Hard Suitcases



A great option for a long-lasting, resilient case. Made from an oil based plastic, it’s extremely strong with a tough surface – car bumpers are usually made from this material. A durable choice for added peace of mind, but a slightly heavier option.

ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)

Made from plastic and a rubber substitute, this durable option is also used in crash helmets. It tends to be lighter and easier to manoeuvre than the other materials used for hard cases.


Polycarbonate is strong but lightweight, and is often used in premium hard luggage. A water resistant option, it flexes slightly to absorb impact which offers great protection for fragile items.

Soft cases are made from durable synthetic materials and are a popular choice with travellers. If you’re looking for a flexible case with some ‘give’, this is a great option – look for a higher denier for a thicker, long-lasting fabric.
Soft Suitcases



This man-made material is a popular choice for suitcases as it’s lightweight and extremely strong.


A hard-wearing man-made fabric with an attractive woven appearance, polyester cases are finished with a matte or shiny exterior.


Made from vinyl sheeting, PVC is used as a waterproof backer on most fabrics and particularly suitcase trims and straps. Its flexibility means it’s easy to store.


Types of luggages


Weight and Capacity

If the weight of your case is a high priority, or you want to adhere to airline weight restrictions, a lightweight suitcase is worth considering. These combine minimal weight with maximum durability and are available in several suitcase sizes.

Expandable options offer at least 10% extra capacity for those who need to prioritise space. Extra zip pockets provide extra storage and retractable handles can help utilise the entire interior.


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A telescopic handle means easy adjustability to ensure your suitcase is at the best height for you, and provide a frame for stacking further pieces of luggage, such as laptop bags. These are usually accompanied by a grab handle which means easy and quick lifting up stairs or into vehicles.

A 4 or 8 wheel suitcase is a great option for ease of movement as the 360° spinner wheels ensure weight is spread evenly across four points. There’s no need to tilt and pull as these can be wheeled alongside or in-front of you.

Extra Secure & Stylish Luggages



Relaxation is probably your number one priority on holiday, so for reassurance when travelling, consider luggage with extra security features.

Some cases feature tamper proof zips, or multi-pocket TSA cable locks, which means main and outside compartments feature one handling and one TSA fixed lock. Also worth considering is a case with a clip lock system – this means they’re zip free.

Also think about shock absorbent outer shells, corner plates and interior cross ribbons, which all help to keep your precious belongings secure.


Luggage becomes the ultimate accessory with a selection of colours and prints to suit your style. Whether a bold block colour, pretty floral motif or a chic metallic finish, a stylish case has the added benefit of being easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

4 Wheeled Suitcase


Specifically designed to fit in an aircraft cabin, these suitcases make ideal lightweight hand luggage and mean you won’t need to hang around the luggage carousel. Perfect for weekends and city breaks or trips for those who pack light, they often feature a handy front pocket to keep your flying essentials at arm’s reach.

Choosing a cabin suitcase can be confusing, as airlines have different rules and restrictions – see our chart below. If you’re a frequent flyer, choose a case that meets the requirements of your preferred airline. For maximum airline flexibility, you might choose luggage that meets the stricter requirements.

Please also make sure you’re aware of current hand luggage restrictions at UK airports.


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Check our handy airline allowance chart for peace of mind when travelling.

Cabin Luggage and Airline Allowance


If you travel for business, the best luggage for you might include additional features such as specific sections for laptops, tablets and phones.

You might opt for a rolling tote, which is a comprehensive travel bag often including a laptop compartment and garment carrier, with wheels for convenience. Choose from our selection of sleek and premium options in leather, polyester or nylon.

Laptop Bags

Designed to snuggly fit a laptop for maximum protection, laptop bags focus on a slim, efficient design. Some options have adjustable pockets and include a strap which can slip over a traditional suitcase handle so that it can be stacked on top of traditional luggage.

Garment carrier

A garment carrier is a great way to transport clothing with minimum creasing, as they allow you to lay your clothes out in full. They are usually designed around a central hanger, and may include straps to secure items, and extra pockets for accessories.


Backpacks make ideal travel bags for lighter travellers, as they keep your hands free. A great option for active travellers, they often include bottle pockets, tablet and MP3 compartments, as well comfortable padded straps.

Luggage tag


It's worth considering some additional accessories for ease when travelling. Keep your items separate with individual packing bags, or pick up a travel pillow or bottle - and don't forget the adaptor plug.

Passport covers, travel wallets and luggage tags in beautiful leather are must have accessories. A luggage tag helps identify your suitcase quickly on the dreaded luggage carousel, whilst a passport cover will protect your passport from any wear and tear in transit.

It's not just about protecting your documents. A luggage cover may be a useful investment if you’re concerned about your case being damaged – these are water resistant coats which can be easily fitted to protect your luggage.


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