Decorating a small bedroom might seem daunting, but it offers a fantastic opportunity to get really creative. Modest rooms are some of the cosiest relaxation spots and strategic styling is all it takes to transform them into spacious-seeming havens. Make the most of your space with our small bedroom decorating ideas.

Bed with headboard

When it comes to bedroom design ideas for small spaces, the bed is a smart focal point to build the the rest of the room around. With this in mind, think carefully about the kind you choose, to make sure it's helping to create a sense of space.


While it might be tempting to choose a luxuriously large bed, this is likely to leave the room feeling smaller than it really is. Consider the shape and size of your room before making your choice. A small 6x4 double will give you extra floor space for storage and decor. If you can, place it in the centre of the room rather than pushed up against a wall.

Types of beds

A divan bed will give the room a sense of openness thanks to its lack of footboard, and if you choose one with storage underneath you can use it to hide away clutter or clothing. Alternatively, opt for a dual-purpose daybed that can act as a sofa for relaxing on during the day, and can be extended into a bed during the evening.


As your bed is the centrepiece of your small space, think about drawing even more attention to it with a striking statement headboard. Try a sculptural style with scalloped edging, upholstered in a plush fabric like velvet or a boldly patterned brocade.

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Bedroom with eclectic decoration

When space is at a premium, choosing pieces that can work twice as hard for you is of utmost importance.


Multi-purpose storage pieces will be your space-saving hero here. Look for storage ottomans that can be placed at the foot of the bed or under a window sill to store bed linen or throw cushions. Fabric-covered poufs with storage space inside are a great alternative.


Making the most of wall space with shelving doesn't just give you extra space, it also offers some really creative storage solutions for clothing, books and miscellaneous items. If you're working with a narrow space, consider mounting some shelves by the side of your bed to act as an alternative dressing table. Alternatively, score design points and save your floor space by adding some simple shelving high up on your walls. Not only will this keep things like books and trinkets out of the way, it'll also create a heightened, loft-like feel.

Storage accessories

Accessories your small space and keep things organised with baskets, trays and boxes. Find a place for anything with a storage solution that perfectly fits your style. If you prefer a fresh and contemporary look, opt for a metal items in a copper or rose gold hue. Love traditional country-style decor? Choose rustic baskets in a neutral palette to keep you organised and promote a restful environment.

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Long body length mirror

Decorative additions make all the difference in a small room. Soft lighting, well-chosen furniture and big mirrors will help to create a sense of space.


Cleverly placed lighting can make a bedroom feel larger than it is. Adding wall sconces not only saves on space around the bed but also lends the room a soft glow and creates a lovely ambience. Another option to help you retain that all-important floor space is to add strip lighting underneath or on top of shelving.

Bedside furniture

Bedroom furniture for small rooms is most effective if it has a dual purpose. If you're really pressed for space use a chest or another large piece of furniture as a bedside table. This is especially useful if you have an unconventionally shaped room and have more space on one side of your bed than the other. Repurpose a mounted desk as a nightstand, or combine your wardrobe with a dressing table for maximum functionality and minimal space usage.


There's no better way to create the illusion of extra space than a carefully placed mirror. Put one opposite a window or on an adjacent wall to multiply your room's natural light and remember when it comes to reflecting light, the bigger the mirror the better.

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Modern bedroom

A hint of colour and some thoughtfully combined textures will elevate your small bedroom from cubbyhole to boutique boudoir.


If your space isn't square shaped, using a variety of small rugs to separate sections of the room can create the illusion of having plenty of floor space. Opt for rugs with natural fibres like jute and sheepskin that are lighter in colour to brighten the area. A rug with vertical stripes will also help widen the floor space and create clear zones.

Bed linen

As before, making a feature of your bed is one of the best ways to create an attractive point of interest in the bedroom, so don't be afraid to go bold with your linen. From vibrant floral prints and fresh geometric designs, using a bright colour palette will open up your space visually. Layering your linens with different throws and cushions with contrasting textures will set the tone for a cosy and restful space while ensuring your bedroom feels bright and spacious.


Keeping things light and breezy with a well-considered set of curtains will help create a spacious feel within the room. Avoid dark colours cut from heavy draped materials and instead opt for lighter-coloured fabrics that open up the room.

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Dark grey floral wallpaper with chaise lounge

Be bold and opt for a statement wallpaper. Keeping a small space minimal can actually emphasise its smallness, so don't be afraid to go large with print.

Go large

An intricate pattern on the wall often makes the room appear even smaller. Choose large flocked patterns, bold floral prints or colourful stripes to create a striking wall-to-wall effect. Alternatively, a contemporary abstract wallpaper print will create a bold point of interest that will draw the eye to the area, making the space feel less small.

Feature it

Incorporating colour with a feature wall is a great way to generate a sense of drama, while injecting warmth and an edge of glamour at the same time. If you have an asymmetrical shaped room, papering a sloped wall with an eye-catching print will help detract from the potentially cramped space, adding just the right amount of modern detail.


Colours play a huge part when it comes to creating character, and grand colour schemes create a larger-than-life space, especially when that space is a small one. Opting for light shades can create an open and airy feel, while a dark palette sets a more dramatic mood. Choosing a brightly coloured vertical pattern, for example, will draw your eye up the wall to create the illusion of higher ceilings.

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Small bedrooms can make a striking impact with some simple design tips and tricks. Whether you choose to brighten up your space with the help of a statement mirror or maximise your floor space with some dual-purpose furniture, embracing the size of your room and decorating around it – instead of over-filling it – will make it both stylish and liveable.