Getting ready for your wedding might just be the most effort you'll ever put into looking beautiful. You've found the perfect dress, chosen shoes and jewellery to match, and finalised your hairstyle – now it's time to think about wedding makeup looks.

Our guide will show you how to develop your own look, trial it beforehand and touch it up on the big day to keep you looking flawless, from taking your vows to the last dance.

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Your preparation should begin long before the big day. If you haven't followed a skincare regime before, now's the time to start. For glowing wedding day skin, treat yourself at home with all the essentials: high-quality cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum and moisturiser. You should avoid receiving any intensive facial treatments right before the wedding as they will encourage impurities, such as pimples and blocked pores, to surface.

Before applying makeup on the day of your wedding, it's essential to prep your skin correctly. Opt for a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser to ensure your makeup won't slip off. Follow this with a high-quality primer to create a smooth, even base. You may also want to apply primer on your eyelids to help eyeshadow and liner stick for the long haul.

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Trial your look well in advance so that you're completely happy before the big day, as last minute decisions might mean you end up with a look you don't really like. If you're not sure how to do makeup for a wedding, call in favours from any beautician friends or get a professional to help. Find photos of yourself where you particularly like your look, as well as any images of celebrities with similar colouring to you whose makeup you love. These will give you an idea of which products to use.

Be sure to test your makeup in daylight so that you can evaluate the final result correctly. Wearing a white top will allow you to see how your makeup will look against your wedding dress. Experiment with different colours and formulas until you've found the perfect combination. If you plan on fake tanning, make sure you factor in this change in skin tone. Finally, take both a flash and non-flash photo to see how the look will appear on camera.

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On your special day, you should look like no one but yourself – just the most polished, glowing version! Radiant skin, flushed cheeks, defined eyes and nude lips always work like a dream against a lovely white dress. Opting for a classic look that will stay timeless for years to come means you'll always look fantastic in your wedding pictures.

Go for something soft and understated that brings out your eye colour. Lips can be kept subtle with a slick of gloss or a flattering nude lipstick and liner. For a bolder finish on the lips, choose a classic 'Hollywood Siren' red. Finally, nails will look wonderful in a fresh neutral shade, complementing your gorgeous dress.

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Most wedding photography is done in natural lighting, which calls for a light base of foundation. If you have problem areas, use a hardworking concealer to cover up. There's almost guaranteed to be some flash photography throughout the night, too, which can overexpose any oily areas of the complexion. Resist combating this with more foundation and just blot your T-Zone with translucent powder.

Be wary of products containing lots of glitter as the particles will reflect light back at the camera. Instead, use a dab of shimmering highlighter on your cupids bow, cheeks and brow bones to create a naturally luminous effect. Consider applying body foundation to ensure your face completely matches the rest of your skin. If you can stand to cut out coffee and red wine, it's also worth avoiding these stain-inducing drinks in the weeks leading up to your big day, to ensure your smile is pearly-white in every shot.

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Intense lashes will give your eyes definition and elevate your look. Whether or not you decide to wear false lashes, water-resistant mascara is a must when it comes to wedding eye makeup. It'll see you through those emotional speeches without a smudge. If you're a big crier, avoid any eyeliner under your eyes and make sure the rest of your eye makeup is waterproof too.

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You have the happiest – and possibly the longest – day of your life ahead of you: you'll want your makeup to look fresh from the first steps down the aisle through to the last twirl on the dancefloor. An oil-free moisturiser, primer, long-wear foundation and powder will go far in keeping your look in place. However, after hours of kisses, champagne toasts and laughter, even the most budge-proof makeup is bound to fade.

With that in mind, it's worth bringing a DIY touch-up kit that you can stash in someone's clutch. This should include oil blotting sheets, which absorb any grease without removing existing makeup; a pressed powder; tissues or cotton buds (to tidy up teary eye makeup); plus any lip colour you're wearing. Now you're set for any emergency touch-ups you might need to undertake throughout your big day.

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Putting in the prep beforehand and making sure your perfect look can last the distance means all you have to focus on on your big day is getting married. After all the excitement of getting ready, your makeup is likely to be the last thing you're thinking of as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life, and that's just the way it should be!