The Friends-inspired outfits we'd happily wear today

Let us count the many, many reasons we love Friends: the classic jokes, aspirational friendship, life lessons – and of course, its fashion. The leather blazers, slip dresses, high-waisted trousers, cropped tops and oversized checked shirts - the cast’s iconic looks had fans everywhere desperate to emulate everything from Monica’s lipsticks to the Rachel haircut. In homage to their enduring style, we’ve deciphered what the gang would be wearing today. Prepare to (Central) perk up your wardrobe…


We might not be asking for the ‘Rachel’ haircut anymore, but we’ll happily steal her wardrobe. She was the master of off-duty dressing, managing to make denim dungarees and flannel loungewear and borrowed-from-the-boys sweatshirts look chic, but as her career at Bloomingdales blossomed so did her workwear game. In crept a slew of standout work pieces like dramatic blazers, white cotton blouses, turtlenecks and a firm Rachel favourite - the mini skirt.


Monica spent most of the early series in a minimalistic uniform of grey, black and white, with some great denim and a few vintage florals thrown in too. We might even have to give her credit as the starter of the cardigan craze. Sure, they were around before, but had they been an It item? Nope. Channel her style in straight-leg jeans, an oversized T-shirt or button down and a pair of gleaming white trainers. And we mean gleaming. This is Monica we’re talking about, after all.



As the eccentric one of bunch, Phoebe wasn't afraid to mix motifs and clash colours, topping her boho layers with a faux fur or suede jacket - perfect for today's '70s fashion resurgence. The other girls may have had a stellar mom jean collection, but Phoebe’s looks often focused on layering over maxi dresses and skirts, with a big ‘ol tote bag thrown into the mix (thumb soda and rat babies optional). Pile on the jewellery and maybe a hair accessory or five if you’re feeling particularly Regina Phalange.


While Ross might not have the best track record when it comes to fashion choices (who could forget the one with the leather trousers?), we must give him credit for his ability to look smart but also nonchalant, co-ordinated but not too pulled together. He takes on palaeontologist-chic with elbow patches, tweeds and cords, but he’s also got a willingness to experiment, from his enthusiastic date night get-up of a swirly pink top to dabbling in sunshine yellow. To steal his look, go for knitwear (that infamous red jumper), a muddy colour palette of browns and taupes, and slouchy suiting with subtly patterned ties.



After ten years of viewing Chandler Bing’s wardrobe, we have one question: could he be any more into sweater vests? No, they may not have been his finest wardrobe choice but probably serve as functional for his job – whatever it is. Chandler’s style veered from geek chic with t-shirts tucked into jeans, utility with Harrington jackets and those dad core ties that spark Oh. My. God. His look graduated to more sophisticated as he went on but it’s his cobbled-together, baggy layers we most want to emulate now.


When he’s not wearing all of Chandler’s clothes (the inspiration behind that Balenciaga AW19 collection, perhaps?), Joey rocks leather jackets, checks and the occasional Ralph Lauren shirt with donut spillage. He looked good in loose, ‘90s fits and mellow hues of blues, greys, burnt orange and burgundy. He single-handily started the trend for man bags and if he’s Balenciaga’s style muse, he’s ours as well. Copy his look with ounces of texture, t-shirts under shirts and chunky, retro trainers – those “how you doin’” compliments will come rolling in.