How to accessorise this spring

Spring, we would argue, is when accessories come into their own. Scrap winter’s chunky, knit scarves and fur-lined gloves, the warmth of spring is when our passion for the finer things in life – mainly accessories – heats up. From aviators to baseball caps here’s our latest lowdown on what will keep noggins and style credentials cool this spring/summer.

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1. The hat

Where once gentlemen everywhere would sport a hat (top hat or flat cap), the equilibrium has turned on its head and now wearing a hat is a fashion choice, rather than obligation. But it’s one we wholeheartedly recommend you embrace as a hat adds a touch of je ne sais quoi to any outfit.

For hat newbies, we recommend a baseball cap in spring. Choose a neutral or dark colour and a comfortable fit and they can look decidedly smart when they’re not paired with sportswear. When weekends beckon, go brighter. Try a colour pop like a ketchup red or a royal blue maybe, be daring.

The bucket hat may seem of the summer festival only reserve, but we argue they can be styled as everyday wear and the SS21 collections seem to agree. Team with sophisticated staples and no one will think you've been missing since Creamfields. Experiment with texture, whether it’s in flannel or canvas we’re on board either way.

2. The cufflinks

Shirt season is fast approaching, and we want you to be fully prepared for its arrival. Once lockdown eases and we begin to dress a little bit smarter again, we expect you’ll want to feel like proper gents once more. Cufflinks allow their wearer to show off different sides of their personality and immediately take your crisp, pressed shirt from an 8 to a 10 - guaranteed to gain you some attention in the office.

3. The belts

Have those daily lockdown walks and high intensity workouts resulted in your favourite jeans becoming a little bit loose around the waist? Fear not, we’ve got belts to suit all. We would opt for brown or black leather personally - you can’t go wrong with the timeless classics.

4. The sunglasses

Sunglasses add mystery, cool, intrigue and style clout to any get-up, and that fun persona can be fully unleashed in the summertime. Sun-drenched days are incoming, ripe for aviator and wayfarer-wearing opportunities.

5. The watch

The watch is the accessory to end all accessories; the one that distinguishes the men from the boys. It’s such a regrettable sight when someone rocks a great outfit ruined by an in-your-face, flashy watch (we’ve all done it). So instead, this spring, sport a sophisticated and classy watch. Go for a heritage face and a leather or bracelet strap and leave the bling at home.

6. The bag

Men’s cargo options have blissfully expanded from boring briefcases and standard suitcases to tote bags, belt bags, saddle bags and more. If you’re going to be obsessive about one thing, make it about the quality of your bag. Your wardrobe most definitely needs a city-smart backpack, a rucksack from a trendy outdoor-turned-streetwear brand and a holdall for the gym and weekends.

7. The wallet

Is cash even a thing anymore? We, for one, barely recognise a coin. So as bulging wallets become less and less important, a great cardholder has become the new way to roll (in it).


There you have it. Seven accessories you need, seven extremely good excuses to treat yourself. Go on, we give you full permission to indulge.