When life revolves around making time for family and friends, why not spare a little for you and the latest box set? Here’s how we do the big night in – pets optional.

Living la vida sofa

As the heat of summer gives way to crisp autumn evenings, we’re shifting our focus indoors. Statement lighting, velvet textiles and nature-inspired prints will warm up any living space for winter - and don’t underestimate the sensory appeal of touch-me textures like lambswool and faux fur. After that comes the best bit - slip on some cashmere socks, light that candle you’ve been ‘saving’ and dive under a cosy throw. It’s official: the big night in is one of autumn’s greatest pleasures.


DIY pampering

Time to recharge body and mind can feel like one of life’s elusive luxuries. Really, there’s no better way to wind down than with the addition of a few extra steps into your nightly routine - we’re talking fragrant bathing oils, scrubs and beauty buys that work wonders while you sleep. The best bit about beauty is there’s no ‘should’; the right routine for you and your skin might be restful, revitalising or rival a beauty blogger’s haul video. Start with some spa-worthy treats – a stack of fluffy towels and a favourite candle – and go from there.

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