Easter wouldn’t be the same without the classic Easter egg hunt. Our guide will help you throw an egg hunt that the little ones in your life are sure to love. We've also got tips for hosting the not-so-little ones, with ideas for staging an adult Easter egg hunt to remember. Get your baskets ready.


How do you hold an Easter egg hunt that's fun and fair for all your brood, from the youngest to the oldest? Read on for tips and tricks suitable for your little ones and their friends.

Easter eggs in purple felt basket

Decorating the baskets

Baskets are key to a successful hunt. Try sprucing up shop-bought wicker baskets with ribbons or felt shapes. For an even more-hands-on approach, make yours with card for a fun activity to do as a family before the big day. Carve a potato print with Easter-themed animals like chicks and bunnies for your kids to add the finishing touches.

Child in grass picking up Easter eggs

Planning the route

In a small space you can get away with letting the kids roam at will. But if you're holding your hunt in a large area like a park or around your house, you'll want to set a route to stop little ones getting lost. Dot your route with arrows to help toddlers find their way. Older kids will appreciate the challenge of a written clue; just make sure it's at their reading level. Consider writing down tips like, “Somewhere you wash your clothes”, to lead your kids to a horde hidden in the washing machine.

Colourful Easter eggs in straw nest

Laying your eggs

Put some eggs in obvious places to get the momentum of the hunt going, but leave plenty to hide in trickier places to really get your little scavengers thinking outside of the box. Go for hiding places at different heights, like under tree roots, on top of a bird feeder or nestled among the garden furniture. You could also leave a trail of smaller eggs leading to a bigger treasure trove to keep short attention spans focused.

Keep it easy

As much as kids love the excitement of an Easter egg hunt, they want to be rewarded for their efforts quickly. Hide the eggs in obvious places for the younger participants to find and ask the older ones to seek out the trickiest spots.

Fight fair

If you’re having a big group of children over to join in the fun, avoid tears by making sure you have a generous supply of eggs to go around. Keep a few back to leave in the path of any hunters having a hard time. You can also fill colour-coded plastic eggs with chocolate and ask each participant to look for a certain colour to make sure everyone gets a fair share.


Aside from enjoying a delicious roast dinner on Easter Sunday and munching on all the seasonal chocolates and treats, there’s not much going on for adults around this time of the year. Filling the long weekend with an adult Easter egg hunt seems like the right thing to do.

Dining table set for Easter breakfast

Set the scene

Easter egg hunts for adults are less about pink fluffy bunnies and more about seasonal flowers and pastel hues. Decorate the table with some elegant tableware or serving platters and a vase with some spring daffodils.


Seasonal food

Balance out those sweet treats with a glass of wine and a cheese board. Keep it simple with ‘’picking food’’ like quiches, mini sandwiches, stuffed olives and a range of different dips to keep your guests satisfied. If you’re super prepared, bake a Simnel cake or pastel-coloured cupcakes. A mimosa or two will be the ideal accompaniment.

Nude lipstick set including YSL and Urban Decay

The Hunt

Consider hiding some grown-up alternatives to chocolate. If it’s your nearest and dearest friends taking part, little earrings, lipsticks and nail polish will slot perfectly into those fillable plastic eggs. Add confetti, a lottery ticket or party poppers to keep the surprise alive during the hunt. Alternatively, hide empty plastic eggs and fill a traditional Easter basket with seasonal treats and other goodies for whoever finds the most.

Wicker basket filled with Easter chocolates

Up the competition stakes

Children’s Easter egg hunts need to be tricky enough to garner attention, but simple enough to avoid boredom. With adult egg hunts, however, you’ll need to make sure your eggs are suitably hidden and reasonably hard to uncover. Make sure every egg you hide is well-camouflaged. Seek out hard-to-reach places like ceiling lights, coat pockets, egg cartons and hide some amongst your buffet treats.


Once you’re done, sit back and celebrate the long weekend in true adult style: with a slice of cake and your favourite tipple. It's a time for celebration, so the only thing that really matters is that you're amongst family and friends.