So, you’re all set to jet off on that well-deserved break. Everything is booked, and with the promise of relaxation ahead it’s easy to forget about some of the smaller details. That’s why we've created a helpful travel countdown to ensure you’ve got every base covered.

Whether you’re going on a city break, ski trip or beach holiday, our guide is sure to come in handy. From holiday essentials to a hand luggage checklist, we’ll make sure you can start your vacation how you mean to go on – relaxed and rejuvenated.

Six months to go
Radley passport cover

Will you be travelling locally or internationally? International travel requires a little more forward planning. Early preparation will give you enough time to sort out any complications that arise, so you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute.

Make sure you have all of your documentation handy and in one place. Our selection of travel accessories, including document folders and passport holders, are perfect for the task. You’ll need:

  • Passport
  • Travel and health insurance documents
  • Plane ticket confirmation (if applicable)
  • Accommodation confirmation (if applicable)
  • Transport confirmation (if applicable)
  • Bank and foreign currency cards

This is also a good time to apply for your time off work. The more notice you give, the better!

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Three months to go
Woman wearing ‘Vacation’ jumper

Now is a great time to finalise the practical details that will give you peace of mind when you leave.

Take time to arrange:

  • Housesitting/pet care: If you have pets, now would be a good time to finalise who will be looking after them while you’re away. If you’re planning on booking them into a kennel or boarding facility, get in early to make sure they have space. You could also have a friend or family member housesit for you – this takes care of your pets and your property at the same time.
  • Vaccinations/medications: Depending on where you’re travelling, you might need to get an inoculation or vaccination. You’ll also need to discuss any personal health issues with your doctor. Don’t forget to stock up on prescriptions and refills.
One month to go
Stack of t-shirts

It’s so close you can almost taste it, so now’s the time to consider what to take on holiday – most importantly, what you’ll wear. Make sure you have enough of the basics, and maybe treat yourself to a few special items.

With the weather forecast in mind, here are some items to remember:

Cold weather

If you’re planning on any cold weather activities, make sure you have the necessary protective gear – think thermal underwear, ski helmets, hiking boots and goggles. It might sound unnecessary, but be sure to take suncream, too.

Hot weather

Swimwear is, of course, a must, as is a beach towel. Don’t forget to pack one or two warm items in case it gets chilly, as well as a raincoat and closed shoes for unexpected showers.

Health and beauty

Pack insect bite creams, painkillers and prescribed medication as well as anti-nausea/diarrhoea tablets. You can store these with your makeup and skincare essentials.

Top tip: If you’re flying, make sure whatever you’re packing doesn’t break the airline’s rules and regulations. Check out our Luggage Buying Guide for more information.

One week to go
Selection of luggage

It’s the final stretch, so here are some details you might have overlooked:


If you’re planning a tanning session, wax, haircut, manicure or pedicure now is the perfect time to do it.


Give your home a spruce now and you’ll thank yourself when you return. Don’t forget to clear out your fridge and empty the bin.


By now you should have most of your luggage packed. Weigh it to make sure it’s within the prescribed limit.

The day before your holiday
Woman and child on a sunny beach

Now’s the time to add the items you use every day. Most of these will likely go in your hand luggage:

  • Electronics and chargers (including adapters if needed) – don’t forget your phone!
  • All necessary documentation and currencies
  • Travel-sized toiletries (try a beauty gift set for all the essentials)
  • Daily and travel medication
  • Sunglasses, eyeglasses or contact lenses and accessories
  • Reading material or entertainment (including magazines and books or crossword puzzles and card games)
  • Ear plugs, sleeping masks and travel pillows
  • Sanitising wipes or spray and tissues
  • Snacks for travelling (including water).

Thanks to our comprehensive travel checklist you’ll be able to hit the road or board your plane with a skip in your step, knowing that everything is perfectly organised. All that’s left to do is enjoy your holiday!