How to sleep in summer


We all love summer, right? Sunbathing in the park, holiday shopping, spontaneous barbecues – yes please. But with hot days come muggy nights spent tossing and turning (and cursing the unpredictability of the British weather). If you’re overheating come 11pm, fear not – we’ve picked out our best summer bedding with the help of our expert buyers.



Bed with white linen on beach


Sheets for the heat

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton is a summer staple – it’s soft, breathable and low maintenance - and the same applies to your bedroom. Our 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton range is luxe to the touch and long-lasting, so it’s a great investment for summer snoozers. Don’t be put off by higher thread counts – it indicates a denser thread weave but not necessarily a heavier sheet, which depends on the type of yarn used.

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The ultimate in lightweight bedding, linen absorbs and evaporates moisture without feeling damp – and it’s super breathable. It can be prone to creasing, so if you’re looking for fuss-free bedding it might not be for you. However, longer yarns mean it’s a particularly durable choice, and it’s known to have hypoallergenic properties.

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Silk adapts to temperature changes, so it retains heat in winter but stays cool in summer – a great year-round investment. Hair will slide across silk pillowcases, which won’t stimulate oils as much as synthetic bedding (so you won’t wake with greasy hair). It also locks in moisture - silk pillowcases are said to keep skin hydrated overnight and prevent dehydration on balmy nights.

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Buys for the bedroom


We never truly appreciate the humble fan until a heatwave hits. The latest designs integrate clever tech and often purify and filter air as they go, so they’re great for minimising allergens. For the bedroom, you’ll want to choose a quieter option. We’re big fans (sorry) of the Dyson range for sleek, unobtrusive design and dimmable LED lighting.

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Summer duvets

Forget the perfect summer sheets - if you’ve still got your heavy winter duvet inside, overheating is almost guaranteed. Tog count and filling type are the two features to tick off, so opt for a low tog duvet – say below 4.5 – and choose down over feather as it’s more lightweight. If you’re prone to allergies, it’s worth getting anti-allergy bedding as warm nights can wreak havoc with asthma and eczema.

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Summer sleeping tips

  • 1. Opt for light coloured sheets as they absorb less heat (and who doesn’t love a hotel-worthy all-white-everything bedroom?)
  • 2. Keep blinds up, windows open and lights and electronics off (especially if they’re on charge) to prevent heating up your bedroom during the day.
  • 3. Take a lukewarm shower – or cold shower if you’re braver than us – before bed to lower your core temperature and tell your body it’s sleep time.
  • 4. If things really start to heat up, you can use your hot water bottle as an ice pack. Just fill and pop in the freezer before bed.