Men's house classics 

We all love a classic. Beef and Monterey Jack cheese; brie and bacon; gin and a Saturday, and this extends to our wardrobes too. After all the whirlwind of summer we’re ready to settle down, cosy up and get back to the classics. We’ve picked the 12 staples you’ll love this autumn even more than avo on toast…


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1. The peacoat

French Connection Melton Double Breast Peacoat


Disappointingly not named after the miniscule vegetable but likely to stem from the Dutch word ‘pije’ which means a coat made from a coarse wool fabric, the pea coat is classic through and through. It says both relaxed and refined at the same time and should be one of your five a day – items of clothing, that is. 

French Connection, Melton Double Breast Peacoat, £180.00


2. The Western boots

H by Hudson Atherstone Boots


We are very much partial to a bit of Western, which we've seen dotted over the catwalks this season. These Chelsea-esque boots will add polish and panache to every get-up. Just don't add that cowboy hat. 

H by Hudson, Atherstone Boots, £65.00


3. The trucker jacket

Levi's Lined Trucker Jacket


If like us, when people talk of ‘transitional dressing’ you stare back blankly at them, let us introduce you to this jacket which is textbook ‘transitional’ – warm enough for autumn days but not too toasty. Wear this, and when that puzzling term next gets thrown about, you can be confident that you’re in fact nailing transitional, right there, right now.

Levi's, Lined Trucker Jacket, £90.00


4. The understated trainers

Dune Trick Stripe Leather Trainers


With all the massive, hyped up sneaker drops out there, sometimes basic is better. This striped black pair embody the phrase ‘simple but effective’ and will go with all your work or weekend plans, whether they’re waitlist-worthy or not.

Dune, Trick Stripe Leather Trainers, £85.00


5. The statement knit

Lacoste Men's Sweater


As we mourn the loss of summer (it was very short by all accounts), we wholeheartedly look forward to the return to knitwear – which will warm our hearts more than any August sun failed to do.

Lacoste Men's Sweater, £150.00


6. The denim shirt

French Connection Indigo Denim Shirt


The denim shirt says two things: that you’re a) a guy who cares about what he wears, because this is not just any old shirt you thrown on without thinking and b) you’re a guy that has a great taste – and everyone wants to be that guy.

French Connection, Indigo Denim Shirt, £60


7. The grey suit

Skopes Lynham Check Suit Jacket


We can all spot an ill-fitting suit a mile off so, dear reader, if your suits are looking a little on the saggy side – and not elegantly deconstructed – we encourage the purchase of a suit like this one that’ll make you feel as suave as Gene Kelly.

Skopes, Lynham Check Suit Jacket, £95


8. The everywhere jeans 

GANT Regular-Fit Denim Jeans


Jeans are an absolute wardrobe staple, if ever there was one. While we love the '90s mid-wash, straight-cut styles that have been key this summer, we also love a classic pair, like this one, that will go with everything from the Sunday lunch shirt to the Saturday drinks tee. 

GANT, Regular-Fit Denim Jeans, £100.00


9. The autumnal shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Plain Oxford Shirt


Feel like you have enough shirts? We hear you. But like many things – cleaning the car, changing your toothbrush, flipping your mattress – a refresh is needed from time to time. And what better reason than the arrival of autumn days to get a mellow, tawny shirt into your arsenal?

Polo Ralph Lauren, Custom Fit Plain Oxford Shirt, £95.00


10. The roomy trousers

Farah Vintage Crop Hopsack Trousers


Trousers have officially got roomier, which is wonderful news as loose trousers are number one, easier to wear; number two, helpful for waistlines; and number three, have that nonchalant Parisian thing going on that we’re always hankering after. 

Farah Vintage, Crop Hopsack Trousers, £60.00


11. The city/country backpack

Coach Soft Grain Kent Double Clip Backpack


If you’re sitting at your desk, scrolling through Instagram and dreaming that you were in fact half way up a mountain, don this rucksack. It has outdoorsy vibes but is also thoroughly office-appropriate for when daydreaming turns into actual work.

Coach, Soft Grain Kent Double Clip Backpack, £595.00


12. The new work shoes

Dune Nicholson Contrast Stitch Loafers


If you’ve been listening, we’ve been banging on about the merits of loafers for summer for some time now. And we’re doing it again now because loafers are not just a one-season wonder. With a thin black sock and a suit trouser, they’re the perfect autumn office or event shoe – and this pair is so sumptuously tactile, it’ll be like wearing slippers.

Dune, Nicholson Contrast Stitch Loafers, £140.00