How to find the perfect lip colour

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With so many lipsticks on offer, finding the right lip colour is something of an art. But whether you prefer simple nudes or a statement red lip, there is a perfect shade out there.

The secret to finding the right one is to match the shade to the undertone of your skin, which will fit into one of three categories: cool, warm or neutral.

Not sure what category you fall into? Take a look at the veins in your wrist. If they appear blue, your undertone is likely to be cool. If they appear green, your undertone is more likely to be warm. And if they're somewhere in between, you're likely to have a neutral undertone.

If you're still not sure, hold up two pieces of jewellery to your face; one silver and one gold. If the gold complements your skin the most, your undertone is warm. If you gravitate more towards silver, it's cool. If both look great, congratulations, you've been blessed with a neutral undertone.

Now that you've sussed your undertone, simply use the below guide to discover your ultimate lipstick match.

Cool undertone

If your undertone is cool, it's best to steer clear of pale nudes that risk washing you out. Deep reds, dark rosy pinks and bright berry shades are the way to go.

Warm undertone

If you have a warm undertone, warmer shades are a sure-fire hit. Try brick reds, deep nudes and corals to really make your lips pop.

Neutral undertone

For those with a neutral undertone, embrace the endless possibilities. With the majority of shades suiting you, be a little braver in your choice and try a pop of purple or a deep brown to really make a statement.

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Cool undertones

Warm undertones

Neutral undertones