Friends around dining table in field

How to style a spring table

Whilst the arrival of double digit temperatures perhaps doesn’t justify the triumphant return of al fresco dining just yet (we’re yet to anniversarise the ‘Beast from the East’, guys) it’s as good an excuse as any to spring-ify our table in anticipation. And whether inside or out, a stylish set up makes a great first impression before you’ve served a single plate of food. Here’s how to style your spring table and bring a little sunshine to your supper.

Start at the centre

Put down those plates for now - unlike almost anything else in life, it’s best to start in the middle here. Your centrepiece depends largely on whether you need to find room for the food. If you’re serving on the table, don’t despair if it all feels a bit like a jigsaw puzzle - try oval platters (which don’t produce as much dead space), build upwards with a creative use of cake stands or optimise a sideboard for overspill. Check your handiwork by placing a dinner plate at every sitting - overhang is most definitely out.

Load up the layers

Once you’ve done the all-important dinner plate positioning, add your side plate, napkin and cutlery on top. Unless you’re styling for a seriously swanky ‘do, don’t get caught up in the ‘four different forks and mandatory salad plates’ school of thought - we’ve never met anyone that asked for both red and white wine glasses. It’s always the DIY details that’ll be appreciated, like handwritten name tags (with a floral flourish for spring), sprigs of foliage on each napkin or a few scattered petals.

Set a spring mood

A bunch of gorgeous blooms is basically mandatory, and you’re always spoilt for spring. There’s something to fit in any space - try tumblers with crocuses from the garden, a taller vase with tulips or a simple jug with branches of cherry blossom. Whilst sunshine yellow daffodils might be synonymous with spring (and a trusted seasonal barometer) their punchy scent will interfere with the food. As always, dinner candles are our top finishing touch - they’re such an easy way to add height and drama to any table.