What’s So Extraordinary About The Ordinary?

the ordinary

You’ve heard the hype. Here’s what you need to know…

The Ordinary products are anything but. Let’s start with the prices. They’re low, yes, but this has been achieved by reducing margins without scrimping on superiority of ingredients. Packaging is simple, another way to achieve the high-street prices not designer ones, and, most importantly, the products work.

Priding themselves on honesty and the promotion of ‘functional beauty’, The Ordinary takes a more direct approach with its skincare so you know exactly what it is you are buying. And, although it may take you five minutes of research to determine which product will be best for you, we think it’s the future.

"Whatever raving reviews you’ve read, there’s reason to believe they’re true."

You might have heard people raving about their Retinol 1% Emulsion, where the 1% retinol (extremely high in strength) works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Or, maybe you’ve caught wind of their Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG serum that, when massaged around the eyes, helps to reduce puffiness and pigmentation. Whatever raving reviews you’ve read, there’s reason to believe they’re true.

So trust us when we say that The Ordinary is worth every scrap of the hype. Sensational skincare at sensationally low prices – we’re sold!

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