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Red lipstick is the LBD of the make-up world: timeless and utterly classic. But with so many shades of red out there, how are you meant to know which one will work best on you? Panic not, we’ve got all the info you need to help you pucker up in the most flattering shade.

The best place to start is by working out the base colour of the lippy you’re looking at. In red lipsticks these undertones tend to be either blue, orange or pink, and each suits a different skin tone. To work out the undertone, simply hold the lipstick up to something that’s blue, orange or pink and compare.

"Red lipstick is the LBD of the make-up world"

If you are fair with green or blue eyes, then a blue-based lipstick will complement your cool complexion. Medium and warmer olive skin tones are a great match for orange-based reds, while darker and black skins will suit look-at-me pink-red lips.

Then it’s time to think about texture. If you feel confident wearing a bright lip, look to matte finishes and liquid lipsticks that pack a serious colour punch and tend to stay put for longer. For a low-key look opt for a sheer colour or lip stain to give just a hint of red. They don’t stay on for quite as long but they will help to ease you in to your new shade.


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