Remember, remember the fifth of November... Is there anything more relaxing than watching flames flicker under a starry sky? Add friends, family and fireworks into the mix and you’ve got a magical night to remember. For when you’re planning on throwing a bonfire night party, our guide offers plenty of inspiration to help you get started.

Step 1 – Make sure your guests are comfortable
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Bonfire celebrations usually take place in late October and early November, when the nights grow long and frost is just beginning to creep in. That nip in the air makes huddling around a fire all the more inviting, but make sure no one catches a chill.

Prepare warming drinks such as spiced mulled wine and hot apple cider to pass around to your guests. And if the heat radiating from the fire isn’t quite enough, you can prepare a bundle of blankets and throws for guests to wrap themselves in. You could also consider erecting a gazebo with tarpaulin, which you can cover with rugs and cushions for people to relax in, protected from any wind and rain.

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Step 2 – Pick the right area
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Safety comes first when enjoying firework displays. Be sure to designate an appropriate area to set them off from and clearly mark a line that guests shouldn’t cross. If you have a spacious garden you can pick show-stopping firecrackers such as Roman candles, missiles and rockets. A larger area will also support firework sequences and aerial repeaters, where a chain of fireworks can be lit all at once.

In a smaller space or more populated areas, you're still spoilt for choice when it comes to impressive fireworks display options. Grounded fireworks that pack a punch include smoke bombs, parachutes and fountains. Little ones will enjoy snappers, crackers and snakes.

Step 3 – Pick the right bonfire
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Your choice of bonfire will depend on the outdoor area available. If you don’t have the resources to create a traditional open fire, gather your guests around a firepit or chiminea, which will create the atmosphere and glow of bonfire night on a smaller scale.

It’s also important to evaluate the location of fires in relation to your outdoor seating arrangements. Will guests be mingling on a patio or deck area that is removed from the fire? In that case, you could consider an outdoor heater or two to ensure that guests remain cosy if they step away.

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Step 4 – Pick the right backdrop
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Bonfire night decorations and music will play a big part in creating a high-spirited and inviting atmosphere. You can amplify the glow from the fire by further illuminating your space with twinkling decorative garden lanterns and hurricane lights.

A radio and speaker system will provide a celebratory soundtrack for your evening. Most modern Bluetooth speakers will allow you to sync up your home sound system and have it play both indoors and outdoors.

Step 5 – Pick the right refreshments
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No gathering is complete without the right refreshments, and winter weather calls for hearty and warming fare. Seasonable vegetables like pumpkins and squash are sure to tickle the tastebuds when cooked into side dishes for comfort foods such as roasts, pies and bakes.

Don’t forget pudding! Classic options like apple pie or bread and butter will complement the traditional theme of the evening perfectly. Or you could forgo a plated dessert and provide guests with marshmallows to roast over the fire instead. This nostalgic sweet treat can be upgraded with the addition of chocolate-covered digestives, allowing guests to construct their own s'mores.

Finally, having a set of outdoor dining plates and cups available will make your evening run even more smoothly, with no need to worry about broken china.

Adults sat roasting marshmallows at open fire

With your food, music, seating and those all-important fireworks sorted, you can sit back and enjoy the company of your friends and family. We hope this guide will help you ensure your bonfire night party goes off with the biggest bang of them all.