The cutest unisex kids' clothes


Why should it be that only girls’ clothes feature unicorns, ice creams and sparkles? And boys’ clothes are the only ones printed with dinosaurs and rocket ships? What if your son loves rainbows and your daughter’s obsessed with space travel? Fortunately the fashion world agrees and kids' clothing brands are starting to create collections that appeal to everyone.

It's no surprise then that the demand for unisex kids’ clothes is growing. Pinterest searches for it is up 119%, along with search for gender-neutral names increasing by 301% and gender-neutral nursery up 527% – from 2018 to 2019, compared to the year before. 

In the same way that toys shouldn’t be dictated by gender, parents are wanting neutral clothing which allow kids to express themselves how they please. This doesn’t have to mean 50 shades of beige, but rather a rainbow of colours for all kids, with practicality and functionality at the forefront of design.

The benefits of gender-neutral childrenswear are widespread. Clothes can be handed down, mix and matched, and shared much more easily. And for newborns, you can build a wardrobe before you even know the sex of the baby.

Even if clothes aren't labelled as unisex, encourage sharing in your family. Your daughter might want to wear her brother’s cool logo sweatshirt or your son borrow your daughter’s bright anorak. 

So, without further ado, have a peruse of our favourite unisex wardrobe staples for kids and watch freedom and self-expression come in tow…

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