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Sorting out the contents of your makeup bag doesn’t tend to be at the top of a cleaning to-do list, but it probably should be. Over time our brushes, sponges and go-to products can become a hotbed of germs.

Separation, dried-out formulas and not-quite-right odours are signs that your product could be causing your face more harm than good. If you find that your mascara is clumpier than usual or that your go-to lipstick isn't quite applying in the same way, their time is most likely up. The older our products are the more bacteria they collect, potentially leading to breakouts and reactions.

And it's not just the product you need to be keeping an eye on. Cleaning brushes regularly (we advise once a week) is key to avoiding any bacteria induced breakouts. So it’s time to bin that dried-out mascara, ditch the worse-for-wear brushes and welcome spring with open arms and a brand new kit.

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