When you’re wearing a bra all day, every day, it’s important to know your stuff. Trust us when we say it’s a lot more common than you’d think to be wearing the wrong size, style and cup for you. Our fitting guide will show you how to measure yourself AND teach you your push-ups from your plunges!

Bra Styles


This style is extremely flattering and creates cleavage - perfect for your new scoop neck top.

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A really comfortable modern shape that goes hand-in-hand with low necklines.

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Push up

This bra enhances both the size and shape of your bust. Opt for this bra style when thinking about eveningwear.

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T Shirt

The everyday bra. Comfortable and reliable, this bra creates a seamless shape. T-shirt Bras don’t have to be boring, look for pretty palettes and patterns.

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Full Cup

Fuller bust? This is the bra for you. The covering and shaping style will make this your go-to style.

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Who doesn't want a perfectly pert bust? The padded bra is made to enhance what you already have.

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This extra supportive style means you can play sports without worrying about movement, discomfort or damage.

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Multi way

This magical style means you can wear one-shoulder, strappy or strapless outfits with ease by changing the way the straps lay.

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Bra size

The size

Around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Getting the fit right is so essential for comfort, support and confidence - did you know a well fitting bra improves your posture and figure in an instant? Hello, figure we've always wanted.

How to Measure Yourself at Home


Measure around the rib cage, under the bust. The tape should be pulled firm around the body. Ensure tape is parallel to the floor all the way round. This is the underband measurement.

Cup Size

Measure over the fullest part of the bust. Ensure tape is parallel to the floor and not twisted. Subtract the underband measurement from the over bust measurement to ascertain the cup size.

BG-Womens Bra Fitting - Size Image 


Top tips

Top tips

The band should feel firm and supportive, as well as being horizontal across the body, being the same level as the front of the bra. The hook and eye should be fastened on the outermost hook, ensuring you can fit two fingers underneath it.

The Underband

If the underband ‘rides up’ it is too big. If the underband ‘digs in’ it is too small.

The Cups

The breast should be fully encased within the cups. The cup should offer good support and forward projection, creating a smooth silhouette. If the cups are wrinkling and loose offering no support, it is too big and if the breast is spilling over at the neckline and underarm, it is too small.

The Straps

Straps should lie flat on the shoulders, not slip down or leave marks. Straps help balance the weight of the breast, rather than provide support and uplift; this is generated from the underband.


Centre front sits flat against the body. The breast should be completely encased in the underwire, which should be following the natural crease of the breast.


In store service

If in doubt, all House of Fraser stores are equipped with plenty of helpful and friendly bra-fitters that can help find your perfect size across all brands. A t-shirt or vest can be worn through out the fitting and our speedy fitters will make it a completely comfortable experience for you!

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