AlAirport Outfits Guide

The Airport Outfits Guide

Tickets booked. Passports at the ready. With your next break approaching what to wear to the airport may be the least of your concerns. But recently the travel clothes craze has taken over with celebrities and influencers documenting their airport attire. With the rise of Instagram airport outfit ideas, hashtags or looks on TikTok and Pinterest. Discover airport wear suggestions for the ultimate IT-girl airport fashion feel. Whether in comfy fits or full glam, it looks like airport looks are here for the long haul…

What is an Airport Outfit?

It may not be your first thought regarding runway fashion but airport style has become a pinnacle part of the holiday experience. A key component for your look may be an easy effortless fit from check-in, security and of course when taking your seat. Of course, you can wear any ensemble to the airport but depending on the overseas event you may want to dress for the occasion to feel vacay ready before you take off.

An airport outfit is just like regular dressing with your clothing choice applying to different occasions. This guide identifies events you may need to dress for before you jet off and recommends the best fits that will apply to a majority of airline dress codes. Whether a frequent flyer or on a special trip, find the right outfit for first-class style credentials.

Airport Outfits for Women Ideas

The airport look for women guide was curated to cater for all your jet setter needs. With the modern woman in mind an assortment of outfit ideas tailored to each traveller's needs. This jet-set selection takes into account all stages of international travelling with luxe clothing, footwear and accessories minus excessive features for an ease-free trip. The guide even accounts for the in-flight temperature with essential layers to keep you at the perfect temp during your trip.

Comfy Airport Outfits

When travelling, comfort is key in order to get your break off to a relaxing start. Whilst you may think this isn’t necessarily fashionable, this is in fact not the case with influencers especially showcasing cute and comfy airport clothes. With the fashion-forward athleisure trend, you can deck signature styles such as leggings and joggers with casual tees, sweatshirts and hoodies for ultra-chic yet snug styling. For effortless vibes opt for co-ord tracksuits that can be easily paired with slip-on trainers for ease-free airport wear.

Accessories your airport OOTD with a handy tote bag that can efficiently carry all your travel documents. As airport travel can be tiresome, why not take some comfy slides for your plane journey too? If your flight is long-distance, a baseball cap will be the go-to hair saviour to avoid a bad-hair day without ruining your style credentials.

VIP Lounge Styling

Find first-class fits that will have you flying high in the style stakes. The jet-set lifestyle of celebrities has made the arrival halls of airports across the globe just as hot as PFW. So why not slay before the vacay? Victoria Beckham declared that the airport is her runway and it’s no surprise we often look to A-Listers for airport travel outfit ideas. If your trip is a no-expense-spared vibe why not match your luxury surroundings? Pair some loose wide-leg trousers (preferably linen numbers for breathability) with an oversized shirt. As you never can guarantee the right temp during your plane journey it’s advised to take an additional layer with a rich cashmere shawl or cardigan doing the job.

This understated look is incomplete without chic accessories to add a glamorous touch such as oversized sunglasses (Posh-approved) and luxury easily-removable jewellery for some added panache. Complete the look with designer sandals and a luxe leather handbag for a true pap-worthy ensemble.

Girls Trip Airport Looks

Whether a birthday getaway, the annual girls' trip or celebrating before tying the knot, inject some fun into your airport attire. Get your holiday off to the right start with hen-do airport outfits for ladies looking for non-stop partying. Find luxe white bridal-themed outfits for the Mrs-to-be and lavish her look with signature pink colourways for that all-important group photo before you jet off.

Nothing beats quality time with your girls so if you are looking to make the airport trip just as fun as the holiday, find feminine dresses and playsuits for preflight cocktails and shopping sessions. Wear practical footwear with an essence of glam such as strap-fitted sandals and sleek leather ankle boots to compliment your attire.

Business Trip Travel Outfits

The grind never stops and with the modern woman in mind, we understand that sometimes business can be taken overseas. For that boss babe look from departures to arrivals discover polished airport outfits women's suggestions. Opt for supersoft cotton trousers in tailored silhouettes for a demure look. Pair with a loose silk or satin blouse that effortlessly fits in from the arrival gate to the office so you can get stuck into work.

Choose from practical laptop bags with organised compartment storage to make your transition from travel to desk seamless. As heels are only sometimes advised whilst flying we recommend placing them in a dust bag inside your travel bag, opt for lightweight pumps that can be easily stored and slipped on whilst on the go.

Seasonal Airport Outfit Ideas

The airport never closes its doors so with flights all year round you may have to adapt your ensemble to the weather. With many destinations available, get holiday ready whilst travelling with formidable fits for all weather conditions.

Summer: If you are jetting off on a tropical getaway discover summer airport pieces. Be ready to hit the beach as soon as you land with airport dresses, playsuits and co-ords showcasing floral motifs for a summery feel. Choose from lightweight fabrics in cotton and linen for airy airport outfits summer styles that provide premium breathability and comfort.

There is no feeling better than the summer air hitting you when you land, so be prepared to tackle the temp in true glamour. Find women’s airport outfit ideas that are suitable for boarding and poolside styling.

Winter: Whether a seasonal city break trip or the annual ski trip find your winter airport outfit. Layers are a must during the wintertime so it is no surprise we recommend that you wrap up but with adverse temperature changes and constant movement from check-in to flight, we recommend holding back on too much clothing.

So keep it essential with a beanie hat for premium headwear and maybe a comfy sweat set (we advise wearing a tee underneath in case you warm up). Whilst outerwear is a must we recommend lightweight jackets such as anoraks and gilets that can be lugged around the airport without causing strain.


So let’s talk about it, why are people dressing for the airport? With the paparazzi era came a new surge of celebrity photos away from the red carpet. The new norm of celebrities dressing for the airport soon trickled down within social media with airport wear becoming a key component of girl holidays and first-class travelling (just search #airportoutfit on social platforms). Catching flights has become more than just a chore but a part of the holiday experience. So whilst packing your suitcase why not put together cute airport outfits to add to your vacation vibe?

With the emerging trend comes the need to dress practically for your chosen location - we're not sure a tropical maxi dress will match Iceland’s climate. This handy guide takes into account all the considerations for suitable airport wear women’s styling.


What clothes to wear for the airport?

This depends on numerous factors such as where your travels are taking you and what you are travelling for which in some instances could be for work or a personal event. A good outfit to travel on a plane in is something comfortable and respectful for other passengers. Keep it simple with staple wardrobe essentials such as sweats, jersey dresses and tees that offer a comfortable fit.

What not to wear to the airport?

We recommended keeping your attire as minimal as possible when deciding what to wear. As frequent travellers will know you have to take into account the security check process. Reduce the risk of setting off metal detectors so avoid excessive jewellery and embellished clothing. Opt for effortless clothing that isn’t over-complicated for practical fits Try not to over-layer or pick restrictive pieces for your travels. Keep your footwear simple with slip-on styles and try to avoid high heels as most airlines suggest.

Make sure you also check the airline's clothing guidelines before your trip and depending on your destination adhere to the country's dress code.

Is it cold on a plane?

Whilst travelling temperatures can sometimes drop although this is not always the case. We recommended taking an additional layer such as a knitted jumper or cardigan on the aircraft with you just in case.

Should I wear jeans or sweatpants to the airport?

You can wear jeans for travel but take into account that restrictive clothing can be uncomfortable to wear during long periods. If you wish to wear jeans for your airport outfit opt for loose-fitting baggy styles. Comfy fits such as sweatpants are a good choice for travelling as they provide ample movement and are less restrictive. Either way, both jeans and sweatpants are suitable to wear from the airport based on your personal preference.

Should I wear a dress to the airport?

Of course, no item of clothing is restricted and you can wear a dress for the airport. Key elements to take into account though are airline and destination dress codes. To avoid any problems we recommend sticking to midi or maxi dresses and taking an additional layer such as a denim jacket.