Your flights are booked, you’ve turned on your out of office and you’re ready to jet set and go. However you have one final thing to do – you need to pack. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you either love it or hate it, so watch our handy step-by-step video and master the (stress-free) art of packing a suitcase.

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How to Pack a Suitcase

  1. Lay large items at the bottom
    Start by placing heavier items like your beach towel and toiletries at the bottom of your suitcase to balance weight at the spine.

  2. Roll, don’t fold, to save space
    Rolling up your clothing will reduce the number of creases and wrinkles, making each item smaller which ultimately allows you more packing space.

  3. Line items up so they can be seen at once
    Standing up items straight in your suitcase enables you to see what you’ve packed at a glance and it makes removing items when you need them so much easier.

  4. Stuff socks and breakables into shoes
    Utilise your shoes by placing smaller items within them, this also provides added protection for fragile items.

  5. Stack bras on top of each other and fold
    Stacking will ensure your bras won’t lose their shape and maximises space within your suitcase.

  6. Place items that will lose shape on top
    Pack lighter items like handbags and straw hats last to save them from being crushed at the bottom of your suitcase.

  7. And don’t forget your lobster…
    A holiday essential, obviously.