Every man needs a good pair of trainers in his shoe collection. Perhaps it stems from our teenage years, begging parents to buy the latest pair, or the fact that they can be the most versatile and comfortable shoes within the range of styles on offer. Either way, if you look after your feet, your feet will look after you. A quarter of all the bones in your body are in the foot, and most of them are small and delicate. To keep your toes in check you should have a well-fitted pair to provide protection and support. Our men's trainers guide will help you identify which pairs are best for your needs and how to wear them in style. Whether you're running long distances trying to get in shape, or heading out into town with a new date, we'll have you covered whatever the situation.

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You should try and think about what your shoes say about you and your personality: first impressions really do count. If you're planning to go out for a drink in town, you'll look good in a pair of stylish men’s trainers. A bright white set will keep you looking sharp if worn with distressed denim jeans and a casual collared shirt. You can't wear your smartest brogues all the time – in fact, you should keep those formal shoes fresh for meetings and days in the office. But that doesn't mean trainers have to be scruffy. Try picking out some formal trainers and pairing with a pair of classic chinos. This is a great way to make your wardrobe really versatile. Or, if you want a shoe that is super comfortable for all-day wear you should find a pair of slip-on trainers. They come in a massive range of styles and materials, with leather uppers for more smart casual affairs, or canvas designs that are great for hot summer days at the beach.

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Any invitation where the dress code is smart casual can be a bit of an outfit minefield, but there are some easy solutions to navigating this fashion pitfall. You just have to look at the range of options that men's trainers can provide. For special occasions like meeting up with parents or in-laws, you could create a comfortable yet super sophisticated look with some suede trainers.

If you've been wearing the same pair of canvas slip-on trainers all summer long, it might be time to prepare your feet for winter weather and invest in some leather trainers. You can pair these shoes with a smart suit blazer and still have the comfort of a trainer, but the polish of a suited man.

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A healthy body makes a healthy mind. It's important to stay in shape and exercise as much as possible, but it's equally important to keep your feet happy. Playing sports or running long distance puts your feet under far more pressure than daily walking would, so it's essential to support your feet properly. There isn't one pair of shoes that are the best trainers for sport, it largely depends on your personal foot shape, which sports or activities you're engaging in, and the way your walk.

A good place to start is to look at your pronation or foot strike. Most runners will land on the outside of the heel, and transfer weight to the foot as it rolls inwards, providing balance and support to the rest of the body. Some runners may slightly over-pronate while they run, which means the foot rolls inwards more than it should. To counteract this and protect the rest of the foot, you should look for running shoes with extra cushioning. Once you've found a suitable pair to provide support where you need it most, you should think about finding running gear to keep you comfortable (and looking good!).

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Whether you're after classic style men's trainers or something that stands out a bit more, here are some tips for getting the most out of your new footwear:

  • If you're trying shoes on, go in the afternoon or evening. Your feet swell throughout the day so you need to account for this.
  • Start with your normal size, but bear in mind that different brands have different fits. Be prepared to try a few options.
  • If you're buying running or sports trainers, make sure you wear the same sports socks you normally would.
  • Keep your shoes clean and remove any stains with a soft damp cloth.
  • Know your occasion. White trainers are great for smart casual styles, plimsoles are versatile for everyday or relaxed wear, while leather and suede trainers will help you look smarter.