Every man needs a timepiece, be it a performance sports watch or a classic leather-strapped design. Find the right style for your look and your lifestyle and you'll never want to take it off. Discover the vintage look of mechanical watches or step into the future with a super-technical hybrid watch with our guide.

Men's watches can be loosely categorised into three main styles: smart-casual, sports, and dress watches. With all the different designs available, you'll need to pay attention to the unique functions of the model to make sure it meets your needs.

Skagen metal sports watch

Sports watches tend to have a more robust build and are made from hard-wearing materials like rubber or plastic so they can withstand any knocks or accidents. Many have extra functions – stopwatches, timers, alarms and even heart rate monitors to provide all the essential information you could ask for while you work out.

Sports watches often have the added capability of being water-resistant, usually to a certain depth (due to the pressure on the internal components). This means they won't get damaged by excessive sweat when you're training hard in the gym, or rainwater when you're putting in the miles on your bike. They will also keep you up to date on any split or lap timings you want to assess.

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Emporio Armani black leather watch

Essential for smart outfits and formal occasions, a luxury watch is an investment piece that will pair perfectly with a suit. Made from the highest quality materials such as sterling silver, gold and platinum, these statement accessories are sure to add a polished finishing touch to your outfit.

Dress watches are suitable for formal occasions as well as everyday business attire, so they are the best way to go if a full-on luxury piece feels excessive. Dress watches are more elegant and refined, and tend to have smaller faces and discreetly shaped straps. Brands such as Emporio Armani typically feature an analogue face with dials to display the time, which is a more traditional look compared to the digital clock face found on many sports watches.

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Guess mens watch in silver with a red strap

Men's watch straps normally come in three distinct styles – the most common materials are leather, metal and fabric. In general, sports watches feature built-in straps to up their water resistant qualities, but you can usually choose from a range of eye-catching colours.

It's easy to get your watch strap changed at a jeweller or watch maker. Metal straps are very hard-wearing and will last for years, but it's a good idea to switch up your leather or fabric strap annually. Soft leathers and fabrics will get damaged and stretched from repeated fastening. They will also get dirty the more you wear them, so if you want to keep your watch looking fresh and stylish, you can upgrade the strap for a quick improvement.

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Hugo Boss mens watch with blue and gold face and a leather strap

The phrase 'watch movement' refers to the internal mechanics of the piece. There are three main types of watch movement: mechanical, automatic and quartz.

A mechanical watch is powered by a mainspring, which is wound up by hand. This type needs to be wound frequently, otherwise the coiled spring will unwind and the watch will stop running. Mechanical watches are the most traditional and therefore timeless style, and epitomise the precision and art of engineering. As long as you remember to wind it up, you'll never need to replace the battery – because there isn't one. Some contemporary brands, such as Guess, have modelled their range after this classic style, so if you're trying to recreate a vintage aesthetic, these are the ones for you.

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Fossil men’s watch with brown leather strap

An automatic is similar to a mechanical watch, but it winds up on its own. Inside is a small rotor, which responds to your movements throughout the day and keeps the mainspring tight.

These days, the most popular type of watch uses quartz movement. The quartz piece is subjected to a small electric current from a battery, which causes the quartz to vibrate 32,768 times per second. This vibration is measured and turned into a pulse, which moves the second hand round the face.

Modern watch brands, such as Fossil, use the quartz movement and design a range of sleek, contemporary watches.

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The right watch will bring a touch of class to any outfit, whether it's your sharpest suit or your sports kit! never be late and always stay stylish with the selection of watches at House of Fraser, featuring renowned brands like Armani, Fossil and Storm.