As the days get warmer and the sun starts to shine, it's time to find a great pair of shades to see you through the summer and beyond. Whatever your taste or face shape, our collection is bound to have something you’ll love. But how do you know which sunnies suit you? This guide is just what you need. We’ll help you to determine whether you have a round, long, oval, square or heart-shaped face. Once you’ve established the shape, you can start choosing which types of sunglasses will flatter your features –¬ with our top tips you’ll be able to find the perfect pair in no time.

Face Measurements

The best way to figure out your face shape is to measure it. To do this you’ll need:

  • a tape measure

  • a mirror

  • a pen and some paper.

Step 1

Find the top of your cheekbone. Start from the outside corner of your mouth and measure all the way to your earlobe. Do this on both sides of your face.

Step 2

Your jawbone is next. Measure from one end to the other, meeting in the middle at the bottom of your face.

Step 3

Next, measure from the centre of your hairline straight down over your nose to the bottom of your chin.

Step 4

Finally, measure the width of your forehead from one side of your hairline to the other. Top tip: make sure the tape measure is exactly half way between the top of your hairline and your eyebrows.

You can now use these measurements to determine what face shape you have.

Heart Face

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces tend to be widest at the forehead and narrower towards the chin, so go for a pair of sunglasses with a curvier shape to elongate your features.

Complementary styles: classic styles like cat's-eyes or aviators are fitting sunglasses for heart-shaped faces, or you could go for something quirkier with a rimless or butterfly shape.

Round Face

Round face

The widest point of a round face is across the cheekbones, so the most flattering sunglasses for this shape should have angular lines to help make the face appear slimmer.

Complementary styles: oversized sunnies look great on a round face – go for rectangular rims to define your facial structure and bring balance to soft features.

Square Face

Square face

A square face is characterised by a strong jawline, wide cheekbones and a prominent forehead. Curvier frames are a great choice, as they juxtapose the angular lines and flatter the face.

Complementary styles: round, oval, and semi-rimless styles will help accentuate your eyes, while butterfly and cat's-eye frames will add a flattering balance to a defined jawline.

Oval Face

Oval face

With its gently rounded and even features, the oval is considered the most versatile of face shapes. If you’re an oval, you'll have symmetrical features with a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.

Complementary styles: from sporty wraparounds to retro circular frames, round or square styles are an ideal choice of glasses for this face shape. Be sure to keep things in proportion if you have smaller features to make sure that your frames don't overwhelm your face.

Long Face

Long face

A long face, often referred to as an oblong, is longer than it is wide and generally has a straight cheek line.

Complementary styles: a long face works especially well with oversized sunglasses, as they sharpen otherwise soft features and create a bold focal point. Avoid small frames as this will underwhelm your facial features, and instead opt for tall or deep lens styles such as the classic wayfarer.

Different type of sunglasses

Consider your skin tone

Using sunglasses to inject colour can be a fantastic way to incorporate some individuality to your style. However, like clothing, particular colours can work against your complexion. As a general rule, cool skin tones look great in blue-based colours, while warm tones should look out for frames in yellow-based hues. Ultimately, experimenting is the only way to ensure you find the most flattering shade for your skin tone.

Keep the classics in mind

Classic frames (think wayfarers, aviators and clubmasters) are well-loved for a reason – they work for a variety of different face shapes and have played their part in decades of iconic outfits. Don’t discount these styles simply because of their popularity. Keep an eye out for limited edition versions or modern updates of timeless styles to put your own individual twist on the look.

Invest wisely

A great pair of sunglasses is worth the investment. Not only can a good set last you for many years, but quality frames and lenses are more durable, with a better overall fit. Quality sunglasses also provide full UVA and UVB protection, helpful in blocking horizontal glare and damaging sun rays.