After all the build-up to the big day, the time between Christmas and New Year can seem hard to fill. But don’t panic. With a few imaginative ideas, you can keep the whole family happy and make the time just as special as Christmas Day itself.

1. Sparkle and magic

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Take your pick from one of the beautiful outdoor ice rinks around and gather the family for a skate. Wrap the kids up well and enjoy a hot chocolate after. Make a Twixmas evening super special by doing sparklers in the garden.

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2. It’s showtime

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A whole afternoon can be spent practising and putting on a play. Suggest kids re-enact their favourite book, make up a dance to a Disney song or think up their own story. Alternatively, get kids inspired by going to a panto.

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3. Snug and cosy

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Winter nights are made for cosying up. Let everyone get in their pjs early, put on some tunes and have a pyjama party. Or drape a sheet over some chairs, let kids grab all the cushions they can find and build a den.

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4. About town

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There’s something instantly festive about twinkly Christmas lights. Plan a walk that takes in your neighbours’ Christmas lights and all vote on your favourite decorations at the end. Also make use of friends’ houses during Twixmas- kids will love showing their new toys.

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5. The game is on

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Remember the fun when you were a kid challenging your family to a board game? Channel that nostalgia with a games afternoon. Have little prizes handy and make sure everyone wins one. Or set up a Christmas treasure hunt around your house or garden.

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6. The great outdoors

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Getting out and about is key to keeping everyone happy. Head out on a winter walk and take homemade biscuits as a little midway treat. Or take everyone to a children’s farm- many have nativity scenes and dressing up.

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