How to create a home spa


We all could do with putting aside a little relaxation time at present. With the wellness industry paused, for now, we thought we’d make some at home suggestions to boost your bathroom game and transform your tub into a luxury haven that tickles your senses and transports your mind to sweet smelling spas, saunas and steam rooms of the past. So, light your candles, crack open the bubbles and dig out the fluffiest robe in your wardrobe, it’s time to turn your boring old bathroom into a retreat-like sanctuary.


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The set-up

Streamline your space

Rule number one: eliminate clutter to maximise your space. Proudly showcase your favourite bathroom bits using wire baskets, and neatly tuck away the less pretty toiletries in woven options. Utilise towel hooks and free-standing shelves to make the most of your vertical space, and perhaps get yourself a nice bathtub tray to keep all your essentials (including that glass of vino) at arm’s reach.

Add some natural elements

Filling your bathroom with plants is a foolproof way of turning it into a lush and relaxing oasis. The more of the green goodness, the better, in our humble opinion. Low-lit and humid, your bathroom can feel a tad tropical so opt for plants that love a bit of steaminess like the no-fuss spider plant or aloe vera. Take it up a notch and incorporate other natural elements such as wood and pebbles into your set-up as well  bringing the outdoors indoors will give the calmest vibes of them all.

Choose your towels wisely

What’s synonymous with a spa? A stack of fluffy towels, of course. But not all towels are made equal, and you want the fluffiest, plumpest kind for those indulgent pampering evenings. Opt for luxurious Egyptian or Supima cotton numbers with a high thread count, like the ones below from Hotel Collection. Investing into hotel-quality towels is one thing, but properly looking after them is another. To keep your towels in tip-top shape, go easy on the tumble dryer and cut back on the fabric softener.

Don't forget the robe

There’s nothing quite like slipping into a warm, cocooning robe after an indulgent bath. That plush and cosy feel (you know the one we’re talking about) is a must, so go for the softest bathrobe you can find and you'll feel just like you've slipped out of that infinity pool in Bali. 


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The mood-setters

Dim the lights

A little mood lighting can go a long way. We know that bathroom lighting tends to be a bit on the harsh side so if you can’t dim the main source of lights, consider the sensory appeal of candlelight instead. Popping a few candles around your bathroom will set the tone for relaxation, especially if you place them next to a mirror where that soft, flickering light will be able to reflect better.

Try aromatherapy

You know that special spa smell? It’s not that hard to replicate it at home using the power of scented candles. Pick one signature scent – it can really be anything, but we like lavender, sandalwood and jasmine for their soothing feel. With a whole new crop of artisan candle brands available both in-store and online (we're big fans of Ashley & Co, Article White and Sunday of London), you're guaranteed to find a scent you'll fall in love with. Room diffusers are a great option too, especially as you don't need to keep an eye on them. With that in mind, give essential oils a try – they’re a spa favourite for a good reason. Simply sprinkle a few drops in the bath for a calming effect that'll reinvigorate your senses.

Hit the play button

If your aim is to rest your mind, background music is a must. Complete silence can make your thoughts race. What relaxes each of us is personal, but the right kind of tunes will help turn off the noise of everyday life and melt away those stresses. Spotify and other streaming services have a ton of pre-curated playlists fit for the occasion so you’ll be embracing that retreat-like tranquillity in no time. Ready, set, relax.


The perfect finishing touches