Men's capsule winter wardrobe

Winter is a tricky time of year. Where once in our meteorological heyday (summer, remember that time?), you could get away with a couple of t-shirts and shorts, winter and its onslaught of social requirements mean more thought – and literally more clothes – are required. Enter our men’s capsule winter wardrobe, a curated edit of the ten pieces that’ll make cold-weather dressing a dream. Before you do anything, buy these…


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1. The coat

Barbour Icons Liddesdale Quilted Jacket


Everyone should have a Barbour jacket in their coat wardrobe. Smart but still perfectly at home in the great outdoors, it's a classic that'll never date, making it your number one investment piece. 

Barbour, Icons Liddesdale Quilted Jacket, £149


2. The sweatshirt

Versace Jeans Couture Baroque Logo Sweater


If there’s one place you can push the boat out, it’s the sweatshirt. This one from Versace is statement enough that it’ll draw the compliments and moody enough for dark winter evenings, working with everything in this top ten. 

Versace Jeans Couture, Baroque Logo Sweater, £189


3. The shirt

Tommy Jeans Corduroy Shirt


‘Texture is king’ might as well be your mantra this winter. As the nights draw in and the mercury plummets, the only thing getting us through is the thought is something soft and velvety, like cord. Like this shirt in fact from our heroes at Tommy.

Tommy Jeans, Corduroy Shirt, £70


4. The trousers

albam Loose Trousers


Utilitarian is a massive trend in menswear. While we may not all be out in the snow, lumberjacking wood, we want to look like we are. Enter the heavy-duty, loose trousers that fit nicely into this aesthetic – even if the only thing you are carrying is responsibility over in Shoreditch.

albam, Loose Trousers, £85


5. The bag

Napapijri Hoyage Backpack


Brand of the moment, Napapijri crosses borders… Norwegian flag logo, Italian brand, Finish-of-sorts name. This bag similarly traverses boundaries, taking the wearer from work meeting to workout to weekend and everything in between.

Napapijri, Hoyage Backpack, £85


6. The scarf

Barbour Tartan Scarf


If you’re wondering why you’re cold this winter, it’s probably not because your coat is too thin (though if it is, see above) but that your neck is not properly insulated. The quick fix is getting a cosy – and might we say rather dapper – scarf wrapped around you stat.

Barbour, Tartan Scarf, £28


7. The hat

The North Face Dock Worker Beanie


Everyone, listen up. If you’re a hat regular, you’ll want this slick beanie from The North Face in your regular rotations. If you’re a headgear newbie, you’ll also want this one under your belt. You’ve got to keep that awfully large brain of yours warm after all…

The North Face, Dock Worker Beanie, £25


8. The jumper

Tommy Hilfiger Tailoring Jumper


While ‘don’t forget a jumper’ used to incite yarns when said to you by your mum as you ran out the door, now rather than eye roll at the thought of knitwear, you can feast your eyes on it as knitwear in 2019 is thoroughly cool.

Tommy Hilfiger Tailoring, Jumper, £120


9. The jeans

GANT Slim Jeans


Denim-wise in 2019, the best way to do it is to take it back to 1999 with a mid-wash, classic shape. They do feel throwback but they’re also a classic, like Friends, Sunny Delight, Tamagotchis and other such '90s favourites. Thanks GANT. 

GANT, Slim Jeans, £100


10. The shoes 

GANT Bari Suede Mid Top Sneakers


For those moments when biker boots feel a little clompy and trainers not weatherproof enough, have these hybrid ones ready to pull out – which are as happy a footwear marriage as ever we saw one. 

GANT, Bari Suede Mid Top Sneakers, £130