Top 10 luxury home accessories

As we begin to start thinking about shifting into a new season, there's often a desire to give your humble abode a total overhaul - but sometimes it's just not realistic. That's why we're all about the investment pieces, capable of breathing life into even the tiredest of spots. Here's 10 of the best luxury home accessories that promise to transform any room in your home.


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1. Making shapes

Hotel Collection Swirl Taper candle holder


Whether you're looking for a conversation-starting table piece for lavish dinner parties or a stalwart statement maker for your mantel piece, this stylish silver candlestick from Hotel Collection ticks all the boxes.

Hotel Collection, Swirl Taper candle holder, £20.00


2. On the wall

Ralph Lauren Blake frame 8 x 10 metallic


Looking to give a specific room a certain je ne sais quoi? This chunky silver chain frame from Ralph Lauren no other might just do the trick. Make a spectacle of your wedding day, your daughters’ first birthday party or your beloved pet on the beach.

Ralph Lauren, Blake frame 8 x 10 metallic, £295.00


3. The multi-tasker

LSA Wicker Vase/Lantern H25cm


This glass vessel is so versatile, its uses are boundless. Why not pop your makeup brushes or pens in it on your desk or maybe some fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table? You could even drop a tealight into the bottom of it and place it by the bathroom tub. We’re into the bobbly texture and semi sheerness.

LSA, Wicker Vase/Lantern H25cm, £45.00


4. Stargazer

Aynsley Orbit Lamp Luminaire


Looking to give your bedroom or living area more of an ambience? This Aynsley lamp will do just the trick with its pierced luminaire bottom. The calming effects of a little bit of soft lighting are aplenty and this piece features a double switch, meaning you can make use of the top and bottom separately if desired.

Aynsley, Orbit Lamp Luminaire, £45.00


5. It's all ombre

LSA Dusk Vase


Equal parts Art Deco and Victoriana, this vintage-tinged vase is our favourite way to tap into the coloured glass trend. With pink at the bottom and grey at the top, it will reflect the light beautifully.

LSA, Dusk Vase, £22.00


6. No time to waste

Wedgwood Magnolia Blossom Jasper Clock


With this timeless (pun intended) investment piece, Wedgewood are offering up a truly standout piece that will become the focal point of any room. Your mantel piece will never look more refined.

Wedgwood, Magnolia Blossom Jasper Clock, £125.00


7. Bring the outdoors in

Sheridan Corbetta Duvet Cover


There’s nothing more luxurious than silky, soft sheets, and this set from Sheridan will breathe life into any boudoir. Crafted out of organic cotton, they’ll keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures (eventually) rise, while the foliage design will bring some much-needed wildlife inside.

Sheridan, Corbetta Duvet Cover, From£159.00


8. Skull and crossbones 

Ralph Lauren Home Cushion Cover


It might not be quite what you'd expect from the ever-preppy Ralph Lauren Home, but this modern skull and crossbones design will instantly add a little edge to your sofa, bed or favourite chair. They’re not just for Hallows Eve.

Ralph Lauren Home, Norfolk Estate Cushion Cover, £279.00


9. Up the wall

Nordlux Wall Lamp


Forget more functional spaces like kitchens and home offices - hallways, living rooms and bedrooms benefit best from the mood-setting appeal of wall lamps. This sophisticated one comes courtesy of Nordlux. The oiled walnut top screams style and the dimmable feature adjusts to your needs.

Nordlux, Karma 14 Wall Smoke, £80.00


10. Candle club

Biba Gold Base Votive


Swap your usual dinner party centrepiece for this decadent votive from Biba, which will diffuse soft light across even the starkest space. 

Biba, Gold Base Votive, £30.00