Wondering what lights to buy for your home this Christmas? Not sure how many lights you will need to fill your tree? From Christmas tree lights to home accessories, our guide will help you choose the best Christmas lights for you – whatever your decoration plans may be.

Christmas tree with lights

Indoor / Outdoor

Whether you go for indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, we recommend that they are always inside a suitably covered outdoor socket or kept indoors. The wire should be thin enough that it simply runs through a window or door.


White fairy lights are a versatile and classic option that add an instant sparkle to your home. There are two main types to choose from, cool white lights and warm white lights. Cool white lights give off a bright white effect, while warm white lights create a golden glow.


For a more vibrant festive look, go for multi-coloured fairy lights which are great for making a bold statement.

Cluster Lights

Cluster lights have multiple strands coming off a main cable, creating a fuller, tinsel effect, perfect for wide surfaces.

LED Lights

Christmas lights with LED bulbs are cost-efficient to run and great for energy-saving.

White window with fairy lights

Safety First

Check if your lights work before you start decorating. Our lights should work every time but it’s always best to inspect for damaged cables and broken bulbs before you plug them in.

Where to Put Them

Christmas lights aren’t just for trees or the front of your house - get creative and place them anywhere you fancy. Here are just a few fairy light ideas to get you started.

  1. Wrap them around the bannister
  2. Drape them over your shelves or mantelpiece
  3. Place them inside bowls, jars or lanterns
  4. Wrap them around vases filled with festive flowers
  5. Make a feature of a photo or piece of artwork by draping lights over the top
  6. Hang them from the ceiling
  7. Use them to create a Christmas card holder
  8. Weave them through an outside tree or bush
  9. Lay them over or hang them above the dining table for a twinkling table setting
  10. Wrap around a mirror for a glamorous effect
Lights and baubles on feather bower

The best way to keep lights shining brightly year after year is to store them away properly when not in use. Keeping them away from water and free from tangles will save you a lot of future stress. Storing Christmas lights as they came in their original packaging is your best bet, but if you don’t have this to hand, try our DIY storage method below.

The Cardboard Method
  1. Save some cardboard packaging from your Christmas presents and use it to make a flat rectangle shape of approximately 12x6 inches
  2. Cut a notch into the cardboard and hook one end of the lights into it
  3. Wrap the rest of the lights around the cardboard until you reach the end of the cord
  4. Cut another notch in the cardboard, then attached the end of the cord
  5. For extra protection you can wrap the cardboard in tissue paper before storing away
Small Christmas tree with lights

It can be a bit overwhelming deciding how many Christmas tree lights you need. It’s mostly down to personal preference but as a general rule, you want around 100 lights for every vertical foot of tree.

BG-Christmas Lighting How Many Table

Remember to take into account that if your tree is slim you will need less lights than if your tree is full and bushy.

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Outside Christmas tree with lights

Decorating windows, porches and outdoor trees with twinkling lights is guaranteed to bring the festive spirit to your home. Here’s our top tips for hanging Christmas lights outside.

  1. Choose a day when the weather is dry and mild for a safer and easier experience
  2. Decide where you want to put your lights
  3. Take measurements to work out how far your lights will reach from your plug socket, using an extension lead if necessary
  4. To put up lights on an outdoor tree, wrap the lights up the tree like you would an indoor Christmas tree, starting from the base and then around the branches
  5. To hang Christmas lights from your house, attach decorating clips or gutter hooks onto the gutter, if needed, using one approximately every 12 inches
  6. Plug the lights in but leave them switched off. Work backwards carefully from the socket, clipping the cable into the clips or hooks, where needed. It can be helpful to have another person on the ground guiding you as you go
  7. Use a clip or hook to secure the end of the string, if these were used
  8. Step back and look at your lights, checking that bulbs are evenly spaced and there are no drooping cables
  9. When you’re happy with the spacing, you’re ready to switch them on and appreciate your hard work!