It takes confidence to find satisfaction at home, work and in yourself. It won't change your life overnight, but a spot of grooming is the best first step to feeling good in your own skin.

This men's grooming guide will help you take pride in your appearance. Whether you want to improve the overall condition of your skin, find out how to shave a beard effectively or just pick up general men's beauty tips, we'll cover all the essentials.


Taking proper care of your skin means more than washing your face with hand soap and drying off with a towel. These five steps form the best men's skin care regime:

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1. Cleanse: The first, most important step. Use a men's cleanser on a daily basis to remove all the dirt, grime and oil that builds up. Splash your face with warm water, apply cleanser to your fingertips, lather and wash off.

Illustration of man going through a skincare routine

3. Tone: Once you've scrubbed off the dirt, you'll want to stop your skin becoming too shiny. Men's toners and serums will prevent your pores producing too much oil.

Illustration of man going through a skincare routine

2. Exfoliate: Gently buff the skin to remove dead cells and smooth roughness. Men's exfoliators and masks should only be used a few times a week as they're harsher than cleanser.

Illustration of man going through a skincare routine

4. Treat: Men's treatments are aimed at targeting very specific areas of your skin such as fine lines, blemishes, spots or uneven skin tone. Make sure the treatment is fully absorbed before you continue.

Illustration of man going through a skincare routine

5. Moisturise: Last but not least moisturisers and face creams keep your skin hydrated to reduce dryness, absorb sweat and reduce shine.

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Whether you've got a full head of hair or are a little thin on top, male grooming can go a long way to help you look suave. Here's a rundown of the best men's hair products:

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  • Start with your usual routine of men's shampoo and conditioner. Try not to wash every day, as it can make the hair drier and coarser in the long run.
  • Use a matt styling solution such as styling paste or clay on thinning hair to create a more textured, fuller head of hair.
  • Apply a pre-styling mixture when your hair is damp. Serums, salt sprays and mousses will improve the look of your finished hair style.
  • Using too much wax or gel can make your hair look greasy and heavy. Use sparingly.
  • If you're using a hairdryer or straighteners, don't go full fire with the heat setting. A cooler setting will leave the hair less frizzy and reduce the chance of damage.
  • For extra hold, spritz a little hairspray after using your men's hair styling products.

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Even the wildest beard needs a little love to keep it in good condition. Beard trimming and beard grooming are very important aspects of men's beauty, so take your time.

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  • Brush your beard every day.
  • Keep it clean, just like the hair on your head.
  • Use clippers to trim short cuts and scissors on bushier beard styles.
  • Apply a beard oil to keep it soft and make it shine.
  • Use a razor to keep the edges defined.

Had enough of your facial hair and ready to go clean-shaven? The best way to shave is to start by preparing your skin. Take a hot shower before to open up your pores. Apply a pre-shave oil and leave it to penetrate the hairs and skin – this will soften everything up and help the razor glide. Get plenty of shaving foam or shaving cream on the area. Shave in the direction of the hairs, never against. A top tip for extra after-shave comfort is to apply a moisturiser or post-shave balm to rehydrate and cool the area.

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Scent plays a big part in the laws of attraction. It pays to know which brands of men's aftershave are aligned with your style. Do you prefer exotic citruses or warm spices? Or maybe you'd like to evoke lumberjack style with pine-scented perfume? Try a few testers to find out.

Apply aftershave gently. Either spray a cloud into and walk through it, or lightly rub each wrist together after one or two sprays. And don't forget to wear deodorant.

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Here are a few parting tips to make your new skincare regime as effective as possible:

  • Make sure you understand what type of skin you have before you invest in men's grooming products. Some are designed for oily skin, while others work to reduce dryness.
  • Once you've found a men's skin care routine you like, stick to it. Even the best skincare for men won't get results overnight: you need to be consistent.
  • Find a men's grooming gift set if you want a range of products in one box.