Need some extra help for that special occasion? At House of Fraser we stock the best range of shapewear and solutions to keep you streamlined and elegant and give you ultimate body confidence.

Shapewear Types


Perfect for slimming your torso, the camisole works with your figure to streamline and smooth out. Easy to wear, the camisole goes unnoticed under any top.


For a sculpted silhouette, opt for the slip. This comes in a range of levels of control and is perfect for that special occasion dress. Completely streamlining the figure, this will give the elusion of the hourglass figure.

Half Slip

Working like the slip, the half slip targets your bottom half smoothing out lumps and bumps while keeping a feminine shape. Perfect under a body con dress or skirt, the half slip will see you oozing body confidence.

Body Suit

The ultimate in body control, the modern day body suit streamlines without being restricting. New body suits come without cups to enable the wearer to wear their own bra, ensuring the perfect fit.

High Waist Brief

Primarily used as a non surgical ‘tummy tuck’, as well as cinching in the waist and comfortably holding in the tummy, they also lift the bottom to make for the perfect feminine figure.

Thigh Slimmer

High waisted and in a range of colours and lengths, the thigh slimmer smooths out your derriere and thighs and shapes where you need it most. Easy to move in and very versatile, the thigh slimmer is an essential if you’re lacking confidence in this area.

Apple Shape


If you have an ample bust, a rounder tummy and slimmer hips, you are an apple shape. Boost your bust by slimming your tummy and lifting your bum – the high waisted brief would be perfect for this.
Pear Shape


The pear shape means your hips and thighs are bigger than your top half. Opt for thigh slimmers to smooth your legs and streamline your hips, evening out your figure.
Hourglass Shape


If you're an hourglass, you have equal shoulder to hip ratio and a slimmer waist. Use shapewear to streamline and enhance your figure – choose a slip to really accentuate your curves.
Athletic Shape


Often known as the 'boyish', 'straight up and down' and 'sporty', figure, an athletic stature normally has shoulders and hips of the same width, long arms and legs, with a slight waist, that may not be defined, and small boobs. The task is to create a more feminine figure, which can be achieved with the use of a waist cincher or bodysuit.
Levels of control


Extra Firm

Extra firm control is made for the people that like to feel their shapewear working. These garments completely reshape and re-sculpt your body – often taking inches off where desired. Maximum results are achieved when opting for Extra Firm.


Setting the standard for shapewear, Firm Control is the most popular level of control. Still showing results without being restricting, shapewear pieces that fall under the category are made to target certain areas, achieving the look and feel the wearer is going for.


Light is for the person that wants some control, but doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing any shapewear at all. Consisting of maximum comfort and subtle results, lightly smoothes the desired area without completely flattening it.

Logos of Spanx, Maidenform, Wolford



It is inevitable that when you think of shapewear, you think of Spanx. Finding fans in celebrities and non-celebrities alike, Spanx is a cult brand and a fashion staple for many. The brand vow to be the shapewear solution to any wardrobe challenge.


Maidenform shapewear is the perfect under-layer for all types of clothing. Designed to slim and shape your body whilst never compromising on comfort, Maidenform is both flattering and functional - from everyday control wear to full figure shapewear for special occasions.


Wolford specialises in luxury shapewear - quality, high-class fashion in leg and body wear, primarily stockings, tights, bodysuits, swimwear and underwear.