Mastering home organisation will go a long way towards keeping your household running smoothly and on schedule, no matter how demanding life gets. Having everything that you need available when and where you need it is a large part of this, and choosing efficient storage solutions is the first crucial step.

Our guide is full of clever storage ideas for spaces both small and big – with zero construction and installation necessary. By selecting the best choices for your home, you'll instantly eliminate unsightly clutter and create more visual space. Most importantly, you'll never again have to turn a room upside down trying to find an essential item.

Kitchen desktop with pots and pans

A smoothly run kitchen is rarely low on supplies, but this requires knowing when to stock up. Ensure you never run out of essential pantry items by putting a chalk- or memo board on the outside one of your kitchen storage units. By adding this to your cupboards you’ll be able to see what you’re out of at a glance without having to hunt through each section. Do the same for your fridge and never be caught without milk again.

To save time, think which utensils you end up reaching for when preparing food on a day-to-day basis. A useful storage solution for small spaces is to add a vertical pegboard to the areas behind your stove top and around your extractor fan. Attach well-spaced hooks to this pegboard so that you can hang up whisks or kitchen gadgets within easy access.

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Open jewellery box with jewellery on a floral duvet

Few of us would claim to have enough closet space – but what can you do when you want more space to hang clothing without a full-scale renovation of your bedroom? Think about the corners of your room. Installing a floating shelf here will give you valuable space to stack books or place gadgets when not in use. The underside of this shelf can support hooks or a rod added to it, instantly giving you an additional rack on which to hang jackets, dresses and blouses.

When surface and cupboard space is limited, it can be a struggle to store accessories, especially jewellery, in a way that's easily accessible and looks tidy. Choose a jewellery box with plush compartments that will keep any long chains from getting tangled, or a ring stand that allows you display your pieces in an ordered fashion.

If your bed lies flush against a wall, try adding a headboard that doubles as storage. Not only will this give you space on which to place things, but you can also integrate slim, horizontally sliding shelves inside of the headboard itself.

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A kids bedroom with a bunk bed and toys

For many parents, keeping the kids' bedroom clean is an ongoing battle. Introducing proper storage habits at a young age is a useful quality that will keep them organised throughout their lifetime. Easier said than done? It helps to offer a few fun storage options as an incentive to tidy.

Keep toys that are used daily tidy with a hanging basket system. Attach brightly coloured baskets to the bedroom door or wardrobe and play a game of throwing toys into them before bed each night. This will keep favourite toys from getting misplaced and protect you against painful barefoot-plastic toy injuries.

For large stuffed toys that won’t easily fit into a standard cupboard, pick up an unstructured laundry basket or bin: they're usually made of durable, child-friendly materials like canvas. Use acrylics to paint the outside like a house, rocket ship or whatever your child likes the idea of most. Voila, you've got a neat home for teddies that little ones will enjoy using.

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Perspex letter holder

Many modern homes have an office or study that's used as a base from which to conduct business and take care of household administrative tasks. Smart storage for documents and books will help keep you organised in this regard.

When shelving space is scarce, keep important paperwork on hand by attaching wire clips directly to your walls using picture frame hooks. Your documents will stay visible, acting as a handy to-do list. Wire clips are also excellent for grouping and keeping your cables neat – crucial when you have a printer, laptop, chargers and other equipment in use all at once.

For a more substantial way to store books or documents, attach magazine holders to the underside of existing shelves – superglue will work fine as long as you don’t store your heaviest items here. Spruce them up by covering them in a wallpaper print matching the décor.

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Large glass bathroom cabinet with baskets and towels

With so many items such as towels and toothpaste needed within easy reach, good storage is essential for a bathroom to prevent it becoming cramped. It will also ensure personal toiletry items aren't in full view of visitors. Try curtaining off your under-sink area with a fabric that matches your walls for a private and pleasant-looking hideaway.

Take a look at your bathroom and make note of other spaces that could offer storage, such as the walls surrounding your shower and bathtub. It's well worth investing in customised shelving made to measure for your space. It'll provide much-needed space for keeping shampoos, soaps and shower gels; just take care to ensure that they can be reached by every member of the family but are high enough to avoid any nasty bumping accidents.

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Whether your home is spacious or cosy, smart storage will streamline your family life. We stock a wide range of products that will make organisation a breeze. All that's left for you to do is to pick your favourite colour and style.