In simple terms, a travel system is everything you need for getting out and about with your new baby. This includes a pushchair and seat, a carrycot and a Group 0+ child safety seat for when you take your baby home from hospital, right through to when they're walking around with no help from mum or dad!

Buying Guide Kids Travel System Infant Carrier

Choosing the right travel system for you and your baby is important, as you need to take into consideration access to your home, whether you will use public transport, if you use a car, and the size of the car boot.

For car users a travel system makes life very simple, as initially your baby can be placed in the infant carrier and easily be transported from inside to the car and to the pushchair without waking them up. It’s worth remembering that babies should not be left in an infant carrier for more than 2 hours at a time.

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Buying Guide Kids Travel System Adjustable CarryCot

An adjustable carrycot offers a cosy and safe place for your baby to travel when you're out walking. Some carrycots come with a mattress suitable for overnight sleeping, making these travel systems extremely useful when considering weekends away and overnight visits.

Adjustable handlebars ensure that you can push your baby with ease, while the one click system for removing and adding the safety seat, pushchair seat and carrycot help to make life very easy.

Buying Guide Kids Travel System Prams & Pushchairs

Once your baby has reached the recommended age (3 or 6 months dependent on the model) you can start to use the pushchair seat. Three recline positions ensure that your baby is always comfortable and the seat can be positioned either forward or backward facing, allowing you to either interact with your tot, or let your little one discover what’s going on around them.

Lockable swivel wheels help ensure that whether you are in the high street or strolling in the park your travel system is easy to handle and manoeuvre. Removable wheels make the travel system easier to fit into a car boot or to store when going indoors.

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The Baby Elegance Beep Twist Travel System is a stylish and practical 3 in 1 Travel system that has been designed to be even easier to manoeuvre wherever you may travel. With a newly designed aluminium frame, the Beep Twist is ultra-light, durable and easy to push, ensuring your baby has the maximum amount of comfort.

Watch the video to see the Travel System in action!

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