A guide to a fun-filled staycation

From exploring unspoiled landmarks to the simple pleasure of reading a good book as the sun goes down, there’s plenty of joy to be had on a staycation. To celebrate the return of these local breaks with loved ones, we teamed up with Barbour as they unveiled their new Summer Shop, to ask Director-Producer Mackenzie Hunkin for his tips for a fun-filled staycation. 


The makings of a great staycation

Enjoying the moment

We usually have to photograph the most beautiful scenery, food, sunsets, but we have a rule — we get our shots done and then put the phone away. Once work is finished, we relax and enjoy ourselves.

Dressing for all occasions

The weather in the UK is so unpredictable so I love that the Barbour Summer Shop has everything from swim shorts (I have the navy pair) to rain jackets — I wore the ‘Alnott Casual Jacket’ in green to a rainy 18 holes.



From the seaside to dinner

When going from day to night on holiday, you can't go wrong with boat shoes for any occasion, and I've got the Barbour ‘Cook Shoes’ in brown. Colour wise, I stick to neutrals, navy and olive green, so the collection is right up my street. I'd layer up with a simple tee underneath my sweater and navy-blue jacket.

Great British holiday style

The key to dressing for a British staycation is versatile clothing that’s ready for all-weather and long days. Layers are key too, and waterproof jackets aren't just great for the rain — they come in very handy when your three-year-old toddler spray paints ice cream all over it too…

Top 5 things to do on a staycation

1. Eat

Discovering new restaurants or even delivery services is a lot of fun, something great to do with your other half, and suitably indulgent for a staycation. Plus, there's no clearing up.

2. Read a book

It sounds so simple, but often at home, I don't make it to the end of a page of my book before I fall asleep.

3. Explore a new area

I'm a big coffee drinker so I like looking up the best coffee shops. Louise [my partner] does the same with antique stores (and then drags me around them), then we'll go for a long walk — we quite like getting lost.

4. Play a round of golf.

I only started playing recently and it's now one of my favourite things to do.

5. I hate to admit this, and it's Louise's fault, but I love a good spa treatment now

She usually goes for a massage and I have to say, I'm partial to a facial.

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