8 kitchen gadgets that will make healthy eating a breeze

If you’re anything like us, eating healthier was probably one of your New Year’s resolutions. But hectic schedules and long days at the office can ruin even the best of intentions, and with healthy eating, unfortunately, it's not the thought that counts. Luckily, the right kitchen gadgets can make all the difference, so we’ve rounded up the best options that’ll help you whip up nutritious meals in no time and, for once, stick to those New Year’s resolutions.

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1. The greatest grater

Joseph Joseph Duo Box Grater


This little thing makes prepping a huge variety of ingredients a breeze. Whether you’ve got dark chocolate, carrots or cheese in hand, the box catcher will ensure you don’t waste a morsel and any surplus can sit inside the fridge and still remain airtight.


Joseph Joseph, Duo Box Grater, £11.00


2. The healthy herbs

New Soda Soda Love Herbs Scissors


Elevate your dishes in a flash with some fresh-cut herbs from your resident balcony, windowsill or patio. These scissors will get through any pesky stems with ease and they won’t dominate your cutlery drawer as they can be stored outdoors in their little sheath.

New Soda, Soda Love Herbs Scissors, £4.99


3. A trusty egg cup

Boutique Kitchen Chrome 6 Pack Egg Cups


You can’t beat boiled eggs and soldiers as a satisfying light brunch, plus they provide lots of health benefits, are low-calorie, nutrient rich and packed with protein - you just need a trusty cup to hold them upright whilst you dip.

Boutique Kitchen, Chrome 6 Pack Egg Cups, £2.99


4. A wonder masher

Casa Nylon Masher


Carrots, potatoes, suede, parsnip or even celeriac, this sturdy nylon masher will take on any wholesome root vegetables you fancy to go alongside your main course. Five-a-day made easy.


Casa, Nylon Masher, Green, £2.99

5. The perfect portions

New Soda Rice and Spaghetti Measure


Do you often struggle to cook just the right amount? We’re fed up with having too much or too little, but this nifty thing solves all your problems. Perfect fluffy rice for two or spaghetti Bolognese for four, no stress.


New Soda, Rice and Spaghetti Measure, £2.99


6. A genius grill

Salter SalterHealth/PaniniGril13


Grill to your hearts content with this nifty foldout gadget from Salter. If you're craving a BBQ but the weathers overcast or it feels like too much effort to set up in the garden then dig this out the cupbaord, plug and go. Veggie kebabs and halloumi burgers on you.


Salter, SalterHealth/PaniniGril13, £29.99


7. A magic fryer

Kitchenaid Diamond Blender


It wouldn’t really be a list of healthy kitchen gadgets if we didn't include a blender, would it? With this fabulous number from Kitchenaid, you too can be one of those people that sips their homemade kale smoothie on their way to the gym. Adulting, sorted.

Kitchenaid, Diamond Blender, £149.00


8. A sleek reusable waterbottle

Yes Studio Bottle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Having this knocking about in your home will definitely ween you off buying those unnecessary, bad for the earth plastic water bottles constantly. It’s portable, desk friendly and stylish too.

Yes Studio, Bottle, £9.00