Kids’ winter wardrobe saviours

We’re all for dressing for winter – the excuse to wear our softest cashmere and loungewear all day, yes please – but the kids, sometimes not so much. To avoid the never-ending battle of getting wrapped up before heading out the door (because sometimes we do have to leave the house), we've picked the kids' winter wear that’ll make your life easier. From chunky knits to ludicrously cute hats, these pieces are so chic you'll wish they came in your size too. Winter, we gotta love you.

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1. Times two

3 Pommes Girls' Jacket

We all like something for free, right? This puffer is reversible with a jazzy outside and a glistening inside, meaning you get two in one. Bingo.

3 Pommes, Girls' Jacket, £42

2. Duvet dreams

Polarn O Pyret Kids Padded Coat

This is a coat that means business. From the purveyors of gear for Scandinavian climes, Polarn O. Pyret triumphed with a coat as cool as streetwear and as toasty as a Sunday by the fire.

Polarn O. Pyret, Kids' Padded Coat, £69

3. Look luxe

Catimini Sleeveless Fake Fur Waistcoat

In true mini-me style, a fake-fur gilet will add warmth to all her party ensembles. Luxurious and chic, it’ll also work paired over jeans and a sweater for that perfect high-low combo.

Catimini, Sleeveless Fake Fur Waistcoat, £59

4. New adventures

Tommy Hilfiger Boys Tommy Hilfiger Arctic Parka

Future Bear Grylls will love careering round jungles and forests in a parka that’s got all the cool of the urban street and all the practicality needed for a mountain top excursion.

Tommy Hilfiger, Boys' Arctic Parka, £130

5. Spread the love

Zadig & Voltaire Girls Grey Knitted Sweater

Nowadays the best knitwear makes a statement. Tap into the current zeitgeist with a rainbow ‘love’ sweater that’ll be pride of place in her closet.

Zadig & Voltaire, Girls' Grey Knitted Sweater, £99

6. Back track

Little Marc Jacobs Boys Bicolor Knitted Cardigan

This jumper reminds us of T-Birds in Grease and a retro bitmap pattern and we’re in love. Simple at the front, standout at the back, it’s too cool for school (though admittedly could also work for that too).

Little Marc Jacobs, Boys' Bicolor Knitted Cardigan, £109

7. Don’t sweat

Levi's Girls Billie Sweat Shirt

Half sparkle, half sporty, this sweatshirt treads the middle ground between girly and tomboy perfectly. Nice one, Levi’s.

Levi's, Girls' Billie Sweatshirt, £51

8. Farm friends

Polarn O Pyret Kids Goat Print Jumper

We’re championing the goat as our mammal motif of the moment. Teamed with cords, it’s a little bit hipster and we kind of love that.

Polarn O. Pyret, Kids' Goat Print Jumper, £28

9. Right on top

Esprit Knit Hat Eyes

The two golden rules of wintertime hats: it must be warm and it must be cute. We’ve got our eyes on this beauty that successfully abides to both prerequisites.

Esprit, Knit Hat Eyes, £11

10. Cool cat

Kenzo Kid Boy Hat Marine Blue

The Kenzo tiger and neon green lettering gives this hat such enviable urban vibes that's making us wish it came in adult size.

Kenzo, Boys' Marine Blue Hat, £40

11. On your toes

Zadig & Voltaire Girls Black Leather Boots

With that rock chick look nailed, we wish we’d been trendy enough to wear these when we were young.

Zadig & Voltaire, Girls' Black Leather Boots, £155

12. Boot camp

Chipmunks Boys' Ranch Boot

A lesson in expert boot making, this Chipmunks pair have extra grippy soles and a heritage look that’s ideal for smarter occasions and also more casual dos.

Chipmunks, Boys' Ranch Boots, £28