6 of the best men’s swim shorts

Summer is calling, the sea is calling, and we're ready for long days by the pool... but before you jump in, it's time to refresh your swimshorts, starting with these stylish pairs in every colour of the rainbow. Now we're talking (or swimming for that matter).


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1. The red ones

Tommy Hilfiger, THB Flag Swimming Short


Remember when beach breaks weren’t just about relaxing? Remember when they were about surfing, rock climbing and massive sand sculptures? Relive your childhood holiday escapades with these sporty shorts from Tommy Hilfiger. 

Tommy Hilfiger, THB Flag Swimming Short£39


2. The orange ones

Hugo, Haiti Swim Shorts


Get poolside ready with Hugo’s Haiti swim shorts. In a sunshiney shade of orange, they’ll pair perfectly with an Aperol Spritz by the beach.

Hugo, Haiti Swim Shorts, £49.00


3. The blue ones


If you’re looking to get in the summer mood, then these Calvin Klein swim shorts are for you. In a vivid hue of Azure blue, they instantly make you think of sunshine-filled days by the pool.

Calvin Klein, Medium Drawstring Tape Swim Shorts, £60.00


4. The yellow ones


Bear with us here - while the idea of short shorts may make you want to run a mile, the reality is that they’re in fashion and surprisingly flattering. And this bright yellow pair will bring out the sunshine, all day, every day.

Diesel, Sandynew Swim, £60.00


5. The green ones



Today, swim shorts are, counterintuitively, not just for swimming - they’re for lounging, pool parties, drinks and the like. The way to go, therefore, is with a stylish pair that say less swim, more gin.

Lacoste, Taff Swim Shorts, £60.00


6. The pink ones


’Can I wear pink?’, you wonder? Yes. Yes, you can. The easiest way to introduce this summery hue into your wardrobe is, handily, in swimwear form, where a pop of pink will look totally at home with sliders and shorts.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Traveller Swim Shorts, £89.00