How to do NYE at home

These days, staying in doesn't have to mean missing out, and as the year comes to the close, it's time for one last hurrah to ring in the new year. From the drinks, to the decorations and the food,  you can still have a ball, even if you're keeping things low key. This is our guide to having the best NYE at home, so raise a glass and let's get ready for 2022. 

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  • When it comes to New Year's Eve, a dedicated playlist, a bottle opener and a bag of ice in the freezer is a good place to start. The last two are pretty self explanatory, but a good playlist is crucial when it comes to setting the mood. We recommend keeping the tunes light and optimistic. It's a celebration, after all.
  • Keeping your plans low key doesn't mean you can't go all out on decorations. And for NYE, glitter is always a good place to start. Think shimmering balloons, twinkling fairy lights and gorgeous candles, so you can make your home feel that little bit more festive, with minimal effort. Fancy an extra touch? Why not bring out a party game, or build an Instagram-worthy disco wall. 




  • Charcuterie boards have been a mainstay on everyone's Pinterest feed this year, and good for reason. Gorgeous, simple, and most of all, delicious. Scatter cheese, crackers and grapes on a wooden board. Then add a mixture of your favourite charcuterie meats. Complete with figs, dried fruit and olives to truly enhance and complement the flavours. The best bit? You don't need to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. 
  • The food might be the main event, but a stunning table is just as important. Dress your grazing table with sprinklings of golden confetti for a little glitz and glamour, and mix and match different types of serving platters to add character wooden boards provide a nice rustic feel. For an extra touch, add a selection of tapas plates, they'll add a splash of colour and minimize mess.  




  • A good range of drinks is the key to New Years Eve. Want to keep things interesting? Why not try your hand at Mixology. All you'll need is some Mixology tools, we recommend the LSA Mixologist toolkit. All you'll need is the ingredients to make your favourite cocktail or mocktail, and your night will be off to a great start. 
  • Want to level up your NYE drinks? We recommend creating a dedicated drink station. An at home bar with rows of sparkling glasses, glitzy lights and fancy bar tools will instantly make your evening feel a bit more special. Into your decorations? Add tinsel, disco baubles and a festive wreath to turn your at-home bar into an all out delight. We'll see you in 2022. 


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