How to create the perfect at-home coffee station

Some of us run on sleep, some of us run on coffee. If you consider yourself one of the latter, make all your caffeine dreams true with a dedicated at-home coffee station that’ll revolutionise your morning routine. Because for us coffee lovers of the world, the day doesn’t start until our first cup…

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The set-up

Of all the kitchen equipment, the coffee machine is sleekest and most attractive. It therefore makes sense to make it an accent piece in your kitchen.

Get creative with your set-up. Use a pretty tray to group all your necessities together or add a shelf on top of your coffee machine if your counter space is limited. 

Transforming a bar cart into a coffee station is a great option if you haven't got enough surface space in your kitchen or, the opposite, have an empty corner that's just begging to be filled. Similarly, if you've got an island or kitchen bar, make that your spot for your coffee area. Add bar stools and you're good to go.  

The coffee maker

For a fuss-free and reliable option, look to single-serve pod coffee machines such as Nespresso with a built-in milk frother that'll whip up those barista-worthy lattes in no time. A little more sophisticated, DeLonghi machines have a great rep and will let you indulge in top-notch concoctions. 

If you're looking for something more budget-friendly or want to have full creative control yourself, manual coffee makers are your best bet. From traditional cafetieres to trendy pour-overs, they let you appreciate the whole process. Plus, they take up less space, so are the perfect small-scale solution.


The extras

A good quality grinder is a must for producing fresh grounds right before brewing. A handheld milk frother is another great tool, as is the Barista & Co brew stick if you have limited time on your hands. You can simply fill it with your coffee and leave it in your cup of boiling water to infuse. 

Pop your coffee extras, like teaspoons and sugar, on a copper tray that’s both stylish and functional or store them in pretty jars. Pod-coffee enthusiasts can keep their precious pods in trendy wire baskets or cute decorative bowls for easy access. 

Whether you love the therapeutic nature of the brewing process or simply just can’t live without your daily dose of caffeine, we’re sure that this coffee-making corner of yours will become your favourite place in the home. We'll take a skinny flat white please...



The essentials


The extras